Are you going to buy a lottery online Some tips so you do not end up in disgust

If you are going to buy lottery during these dates, it is likely that you have considered doing it online, since it has all the advantages of the world: you do not move from home, you do not queue in the street, you can buy in the administration you want, etc. However, there are also certain risks associated with this practice. That’s why we offer you some tips so that your online lottery does not cause you an upset this Christmas. Visit this site for best ico coin.

You should apply common sense

The last advice is the most obvious, but also the most important: try to apply common sense when buying lottery online. Try to make the purchase in familiar pages, distrust the offers, suspect if you see prices too low … If you have any doubt, it will always be better that you do not make the purchase. And if you have the bad luck that someone will take you, report it.

If you spend money on the lottery, you also spend time on security.

Buying lottery online is still a minority, but, luckily, it is becoming more frequent and secure. It is not that you fall into the paranoia of being ripped off if you buy your 10th online, but that you comply with minimum security measures. Click here for best ico coin. 

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No public computers or public Wi-Fi

The first part of this advice is sure to sound: if you are going to buy a lottery online, do not do it from a booth, library or any other computer that is not your own. But the thing does not stop there: as far as possible, it also avoids the shared Wifis, of whose potential danger we have already spoken at some time. If you are connected at home or at work, the connection can be fairly secure (depending on the size of your company). Outside of those two environments, we do not recommend making a purchase of this type, and much less in open Wifis. 

The email is valid

Once you have made the purchase, the portal in question will send you by email a receipt of the tenth you have purchased. Well, despite what you may think, this document is totally valid and legal, it is a reference to the number you just reserved to the specific administration that sold it to you. Therefore, if you get an email saying that this email does not validate your ticket and you have to do something else, do not believe it.

Secure payment is vital

When paying, do not accept any method: we recommend that you resort to paying by card, Paypal or similar. If the web offers other types of payments, distrust. On the other hand, know that no website needs to have a photocopy of your ID, or your account number, or the pin of your card. If they ask you for anything similar, we are sorry, but you are facing fraud.

If you are going to pay with a card, we recommend that you use a virtual one, which will generate specific data for that particular purchase. So, if someone steals your data you will not be able to spend one euro out of your pocket.

By krish