Introduction to AngularJS

AngularJS, the first JavaScript framework, has gained importance globally in the IT industry in the last five years. The first release of AngularJS was in the year 2009. By the end of the year2012 due to the use of MVC supported JS implementation, AngularJS attracted more business. Needless to say, why AngularJS has got its fame, as Google has gifted it.

The basics of software development include creating solutions systematically. Systematic means secure, performance-centric, clean and scalable. MVC supported JS offers an efficient approach to executing your web applications.

Find Below The Best Five Advantages Among Many Offered By AngularJS For Your Online Business

  1. AngularJS has MVVM Architecture.MVVM means Model-View-ViewModel. MVVM offers a strong foundation to design applications.The Model is the information in any application. ViewModelassists by maintainingprecise views.The view is the HTML that is present after AngularJS parses and compiles HTML to involvebindings and mark-ups.

  1. HTML is made use of to classifythe user interface during the time of AngularJS implementation. HTML is a declarative language,and it is very spontaneousand structured.HTML is declarative when compared to classifying interface by making use of standard JavaScript.

Benefits Offered By Declarative UI

  • Fewer possibilities to break when compared to JavaScript individual attributes.
  • Smoothen the progress of the collection of related elements.
  • Offers a simplified approach during implementation
  1. Above all the most essentialfeatures of AngularJS, the data binding that happens two waytakes the top position. It can be explained in simple words as follows. Any modifications to View will update the model, and an update in the model will change the view.All the changes to the UI get immediately replicated in the original data model.Similarly, the reverse also happens. Therefore the Data model functionsas a core unit and depending on it the view of the application will rely on. This type of data binding occurs in other data frameworks as well. AngularJS has made the implementation flawless.
  1. AngularJS does wonders, but with very less code. Yes, you need not write more codes, and they are simple. Using declarative UI and double way data binding you can restrict your coding activity. Additionally, the Plain Old Java Object (POJO) data models and the filters make you write less code and bring about increased productivity.It simplifies the overall complicationin implementing the project.
  1. AngularJS supports the TDD (Test Driven Development) extensively.Quality always poses achallenge in the software industry.Both manual and automated testing brought down that concern. Using AngularJS coding in JavaScript will pass through a series of test. By subsequently executing the best testing practices AngularJS development ensures quality.

You must understand the vast benefits of AngularJS and quickly switchover to get things done using AngularJS. Worried about hiring a resource? Need not worry, candidates, are available in the market. The only thing you must do is to call them for an interview.Before that make sure they clear the AngularJS online assessment. The online test is a comprehensive test to check their skills in AngularJS development environment.

By krish