The weight loss industry is filled with numerous types of shakes. This is one of the fastest growing markets globally with new products being channeled to the market daily. Although shakes offer a convenient and safe way of losing weight, the availability of numerous brands makes it difficult for a consumer to choose a shake that suits their needs. However, GNC Total Lean and 310 nutrition shakes are some of the dominant names on the market.

These two shakes have been marketed as the best diet supplements for weight loss. Consumer reviews indicate that 310 shake and GNC total lean offer dieters a safe and healthy way of losing. But how do these two shakes fair in comparison to each other? Reviewed below is the GNC Protein Shakes vs 310 Shakes comparison.

GNC Protein Shakes vs. 310 Shakes – Level of Nutrition

The source of nutrition significantly affects the quality of a supplement. The best meal replacement shakes for weight loss are usually formulated using plant-based ingredients. Besides that, they usually contain low amounts of calories and sugar and high amounts of fiber and protein. Outlined below is a nutrition comparison of GNC Protein Shakes vs. 310 Shakes.


The top ingredient that is used to formulate a supplement is protein. The best meal replacement shakes for weight loss normally have a rich blend of protein. An effective meal replacement shake should have a protein content of at least 15g per serving. This way, it can effectively help to increase the rate of metabolism and curb hunger for hours. Looking at the GNC Protein Shakes vs. 310 Shakes protein comparison, GNC has 25g of protein per serving. 310 nutrition reviews indicate that it contains 15g of protein per serving. Although these two shakes are effective in promoting the growth of lean muscles, GNC Lean shake provides better weight loss results.


Fiber is an important nutrition aspect for any diet supplement. Note that the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss have a rich blend of fiber. High amounts of this ingredient help to suppress food cravings and binge eating. The higher the level of fiber in the shake, the more effective it is in curbing hunger. 310 nutrition reviews show that this shake has 5g of fiber compared to GNC’s 4g of fiber per serving. The slightly high amount of fiber in 310 shake gives it an upper hand in suppressing hunger pangs.


Studies indicate that there is a direct link between sugar and weight gain. Foods which are rich in sugar are known to promote weight gain. It’s also worth noting that supplements which have high amounts of sugar aren’t effective in sparking weight loss. The GNC Protein Shakes vs. 310 Shakes sugar comparison indicate that 310 shake is a better supplement. It contains zero sugar content while GNC total lean shake has 3g of sugar per serving.



Low-calorie shakes are usually considered as the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss. They effectively help to spark the metabolism of fat and aid in the growth of lean muscles. 310 nutrition reviews indicate that this supplement has 90 calories. In contrast, the GNC meal replacement shake has 200 calories per serving. 310 shake offers the consumer a better weight loss chance.

GNC Protein Shakes vs. 310 Shakes – Benefits

These meal replacement shakes have a wide range of benefits. The ingredients which are used to formulate them provide consumers with the much-needed nutrients which are required for growth as well as weight loss.

Benefits of 310 Shake

This organic meal replacement shake offers dieters multiple benefits. With virtually no sugar and fat, 310 nutrition reviews show that this supplement is a great and healthy option for weight loss. It provides benefits such as:

  • Suppressing hunger pangs for up to four hours. 310 has a triplex protein blend that tends to reduce food cravings and increase the feeling of fullness.
  • Promoting the growth of lean muscles and a well-toned body. The high protein content in this shake helps to effectively enhance the development of lean mass and promote thermogenesis.
  • Fewer calories which help to spark metabolism leading to weight loss.

Benefits of GNC Lean Shake

GNC Total lean shake is a nutrient-rich supplement that contains a wide range of minerals and vitamins. It has antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatory properties. Some of the benefits of this meal replacement shake include:

  • Enhancing the growth of lean muscles,
  • Accelerating the fat burning process.
  • It’s simple to prepare hence convenient for those with hectic schedules.
  • Improving the level of immunity in the body.

Final Verdict

So between GNC Protein Shakes vs. 310 Shakes, which supplement is the best? Well, from the review above it’s not easy to determine the winner. These shakes are pure and they feature a wide range of user-friendly ingredients. However, 310 shake is the winner as it contains no sugar, low amounts of calories and high fiber content.