Everyone knows that Blue Coat Systems Inc is a leading and also the successful Californian based security & network service providing company located in Sunnyvale. It is specialized in the cyber security and cloud based security to avoid various attacks in the enterprise level. Even though this company has gone through various gains, recently in June 2016 Blue Coat was acquired by the Symantec Corporation.

Specialized areas of Blue Coat:

Blue Coat American Company is specialist in providing such a great enterprise security solutions to all the Californian based enterprise in small, medium, and also large scales. Even though it takes care for the network security inside the enterprises, it mainly focuses on the web security. Blue Coat Company is also well known for its online censorship equipment which allows supervision of the netizens, journalists, and also their sources. The censorship devices of this company are actually using the deep packet inspection and the latest technology used by the plenty of international online service providers.


It is very helpful to reduce the unwanted connections and also manage the network traffic. As the largest IT security solutions service provider in Sunnyvale city of California, Blue Coat Company is a well known for giving several filtering & also censorship devices for many countries. It also provides a variety of network analysis systems which are intelligence centres. They are basically used by the governments and many corporate companies for identifying the performance problems of the internet and also monitoring online traffic.

Enhanced security services:

  • As the Blue Coat was acquired by the Symantec Corporations recently, the security services of the company being enhanced double to provide such the great solutions to all clients.
  • The cyber security actions have been improved in the expanded network to keep all your important data always safe in the cloud environment.
  • Symantec along with the Blue Coat security service providing company announced the 6 main and new trends in the cyber security in order to make the positive security impacts in your enterprises.

Whether you have small, medium, or large scale enterprises in California or any other parts of America, it is suggested immediately hiring expert cyber security solutions from this Blue Coat along with the Symantec service providers. The services and security solutions offered at this company will surely enhance safety of all your confidential business files and data from the anonymous access.

By krish