People are crazy about social media posts, and the different trends, which come every day. Talking of the recent trends, yeti butting is something which had been over different social media sites. Especially, college girls are going crazy about this task, so that they can post their pictures on instagram, and enjoy an enormous number of likes on their posts. Are you thinking about, what is yeti butting? Well, it is one of the latest trends on instagram, which is growing immensely popular in different colleges if America. It includes a hot baby with heavy bottom, so squats exercise on the yeti coolers, so that their friends can click a picture of back portion of the babe, and post it on instagram.

All the instagram fanatics keep on inaugurating different trends and challengeswhich go viral, and people start following it blindly. Similarly the tread of yeti butting, is becoming really popular, you can see different girl posting their pictures in instagram, completing the yeti butting trend.

The reason why this challenge is performed by so many college girls in America is they want to try it for fun, or they want to get a good number of likes on the instagram account.

what is yeti butting

What are the requirements for the performing the yeti butting challenge?

Though the task is quite sexy and fun, one needs to have certain things through which she can accomplish the yeti butting trend. Let us explore some of the points, related to the same as follows,

  • Well, the requirements of this challenge are quitter funny and interesting, as you will berequiring a yeti cooler, which you can perform the challenge.
  • Another things which a girl needs to do, is to place her butt on the cooler, in a squat positions.

Most of the girl who have perform this challenge, wore a bikini, so any one who is interested in performing the challenge, should wear a bikini, and then ask the friend to click a picture from the back. Though this challenge of yeti butting holds no significance, girls are still doing it for fun. The challenge is quite hot and sensational, though the girl has to sit on a cooler.

So, if youare planning to try something fun in your life, you can simply go for the yeti butting challenge, and gain a huge number of likes in your instagram account.

By krish