We are blessed with dozens of great things in today’s digital age, especially when it comes to accessing our favorite forms of entertainment, particularly watching a movie.

Today, people can easily access and watch movies through the internet easily, thanks to online streaming sites which features not just movies, but also music, and television shows and series for free.

Because of its popularity, it has also become an instrument for people who wants to victimize people through fake online streaming sites by either obtaining personal information and even financial information by luring these victims to divulge this confidential information by forcing them to register for free content when in fact it is just simply a trap.

In order for you not to become a victim of these fake streaming sites, you have to be vigilant and most of all follow these tips to make sure that you only stream movies at legitimate online streaming sites like putlocker.


  • Do some research– When you are searching for a movie site, the internet is the best place to do it because you will be able to gain access to different streaming sites that feature a lot of movies. This would be the first step that you would want to make. You also have to widen your research and create a list of sites that you have discovered. You will get charged by some under subscription while the majority of online movie streaming sites offer it for free while the former offers you unlimited access to its content by giving you all the movie genres, series, and a lot more.
  • Compare the sites that you listed down– After you have listed down all the potential sites that you want to have streaming with movies online, it would be the perfect time to take a look at your list and compare all of it to determine which one is the best for your online movie streaming needs. Of course, you should eliminate the streaming sites that would charge you and the ones that have limited genres and categories that you can choose from. You must get rid of the sites that have a lot of restrictions as well as those that look shady and fake. You should always choose a site that is free and has a huge collection of movies that you can watch for an unlimited time.
  • Read reviews always– After comparing your list of the movie streaming sites, you should try reading the viewers’ comments of each site to determine which one has the best performance and which one has the poorest performance when it comes to streaming movies. The testimonials of the viewers are very important considering that they are the ones who experienced watching movies at these streaming sites they mentioned.
  • Check the content– Usually, legitimate streaming sites have almost a complete genre and database of all the movies. If you are able to find all the movies you want to watch regardless of what year it was released, then you found a legitimate streaming site, however, if that site only featured movies that are either released from the previous two years, then you should be wary and leave the site right away.

By krish