During summer season, you want to prevent entry of insects like fly and mosquitoes into the rooms and kitchen of your home. The best solution is to for fliegengitter or fly screen.  Fly screen are made from different materials like Polyester fabric, using Velcro straps that can be attached with window frames. The fly screens keep away all type of insects. After its use, fly screen can be cleaned in a washing machine and can be stored for its re-use.

Vorsteckrahmen is another type of window fly screen. It is a simple flying mesh, installation of which is easy. There are fly screens made of thick plastic or metal grid which can also be cleaned and stored separately. Fly screens also come with gauze rolls having replacement grille. Such fly screens can be cut to the required size. These fly screens also keep large insects away from house like wasps or hornets.

There are a variety of fly screens meant for different window shapes such as Normal windows, roof windows, Velux windows, doors and manholes basement


You need protection from insects not only through windows but also doors with a screen door or protection curtain for securing best possible insect repellent course.  Door fly screens are attached with the upper edge of the frame of a door with an adhesive tape or tension rail. For a patio door, you can have option of tensioning system which can be used without drilling. You also have to decide which material should be used for your insect repellent needs through fly screens: fabric, plastic or metal grid.  For door fly screens, clamping frames are used when the opening of the door is through swing shutter but for heavy doors, you require hydraulic damped lid. The screen door can also remain fit for the summer season from March to October and after it, should be stored in basement place. Sliding doors are also available as an option of insect protection doors.

Insect screens are better alternative than tailor-made insect repellents and are efficient and cost effective also in the long run. Some advantages of fliegengitter or fly/insect screens can be

  • Fresh air at all time during summer
  • Cost effective protection
  • Protection against any insects
  • Transparent material
  • Convenient and handy retractor system
  • Simple installation
  • Easy operation

The protection mechanism of Fly screens should also be robust. It should be such that the insect screen can be stored in a cassette away from dust when it is not in use. While the cartridge can be cleaned regularly in warm water, use of abrasives in washing should be avoided. Fabric can be cleaned after every few months with a soft brush. The fly screen is normally tear proof but cleaning with hair dryer is required to be done regularly. The fly/insect screen should be mounted either with the cassette above or under a window frame and it should be installed in such a way that windows can be opened or closed.

By krish