Most people love going out on vacation to stay in a hotel room that is beautifully designed and has an atmosphere that helps them to relax. In most cases, people will spend a lot of money to stay just one night in that hotel room to have a night of peace of mind and relaxation. However, have you ever wondered what makes hotel rooms so special? If you look around your hotel room, you will notice that your hotel room has a very basic design without much furniture. Hotels in general have very basic designs and these same designs can be implemented in your own home to give it that same look and feel. If your home is cluttered and filled with many different things, you are likely feeling claustrophobic at the sight of your home and this is a common problem that many home owners face.

Clear up the clutter

In order to give your home a makeover, the first thing you will need to do is to clear all of the junk and clutter out of your home. This may be easier said than done as most of this clutter may be things that you actually need without a proper storage solution. Clearing the clutter in your home in itself will give your home a brand new look and it is really not necessary for you to spend a lot of money on designer furniture and designer cushions. Australia has many home design stores that you can visit or even visit online to have things delivered to your doorstep. Choose a few inexpensive things that you love and have them delivered in order to give your home an all new look.

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After you have cleared out the clutter, you will notice that your home now looks a lot bigger than it has look for all of these years and there are ways of making your house look even bigger by making use of different optical illusion techniques. You can now start looking online for some home design ideas. If you fall in love with some designer cushions, Australia will have many stores from which you can buy them at a much lower rate than the original.

Colours matter

You will find that you can make your house look very different depending on the colour that you choose for your home. A light colour or even a brilliant white will help to reflect light through your house making your home look a lot bigger than it actually is. Another thing that will enhance this effect is mirrors in your design.

By krish