If you are someone who has hardwood flooring at home then you might be seeking ways as to how you must clean it.  It is very difficult to maintain these floors on a day to day basis so you will have to make sure that you do keep it as clean as possible. Here is how you can clean your hard wood floor area:


You must try to vacuum as slowly as you can. This way you can try to protect the floor area well. Try to dust and mop as often as you can this way you can keep the space as clean as possible. Make sure that you do contact many professionals for the task before you agree to stick to one of them. Discuss as to how you can install engineered timber flooring at an affordable cost.


You must try to wax the floor area well at least once or twice a year. Try to wipe the grime or dirt out of the floor as carefully as you can. Make sure that you do wax as often as possible. Try to hire an experienced person who is skilled in the task of polishing in order to remove any of the streaks on the wooden surface.



Some people try to use small amounts of vinegar on the floor area by trying to mix it with some water. Do remember that polyutherane can get damaged after a short period of time. If you try to use too much of vinegar then the space or area can get damaged. Try to mix it with some water if you want to make sure that the grime does dissolve from the engineered timber flooring.


You must focus on purchasing the best tools money can buy. Buy small items which have small fibers which are great for absorbing liquids. Do focus on wetting the space first and then try to mop it as slowly as possible. Try to clean the space when the area is damp so that the space will not decay or erode. You might find it difficult to mop any spirits or liquids especially if there are any cracks. Remember that you must hire the best people for the task at hand but do check the budget first. The constructor or builder might charge a higher amount after a period of time especially if more work is needed to be done. Do ask for a specific fee or amount before you begin the flooring process.

By krish