The term iron chlorosis refers to a disease that is common in plants. It is a form of iron deficiency that occurs. In order to address as well as prevent such a problem from occurring horticultural experts can offer you different solutions. It is best to treat iron chlorosis early so that a plant can recover from such a problem. It is one of the nutritional deficiencies that are common plants. Gardeners need to test their soils and understand the nutrients that are present and what a plant is able to access. They need to tend to the soil accordingly to ensure that deficiencies do not occur.

What defines iron chlorosis?

When we talk of iron chlorosis it is usually a deficiency in plants that might lead to tree removal if the problem is not addressed early. Usually a plant is unable to absorb the required iron nutrient from the soil in such a condition. If a soil is high in alkaline nature or lacks iron, then this kind of deficiency can occur. If there is a lack of iron plants it results in chlorophyll being developed in a limited manner. With less or inadequate chlorophyll development usually a plant starts to become yellow in color.

tree removal

How to treat the condition?

It is important that one does not ignore the conditions. If the condition is not treated plants will become yellow and finally die for which you would need to do tree removal. In order to avoid this problem foliar spraying is done with an iron solution. However, this cannot be a long term solution. It is necessary that the soil is enriched accordingly.

How the soil can be improved?

In order to ensure that the plant is able to get adequate iron from the soil, a sample of the soil should be first examined. Once it is tested and its pH levels are known, iron supplements can be added to the soil. It might be necessary to set the acid and alkaline nature right in the soil. If the soil is too alkaline, you need to make the soil slightly more acidic. In other cases you might have to balance the alkaline properties or get plants that are more suited to the soil condition in your area.

Find expert help

There are several arborist services or horticultural experts whom one can refer to. These experts will be able to come in and examine your soil condition, advise you on what to do or even provide the right soil fertilizers or organic supplements for your soil. With such advice and support you will be able to see good results in no time.

By krish