Today, everyone wants to play different types of mobile games in order to get entertainment and also improve their memory skills. For both of this purpose, the game selection must be good to provide you more skills and also thrilling entertainment. Pokemon Go game is the best choice for all mobile game players who would want to get exciting game play along with enhancements in their mind power. It is basically the augmented reality and free to play game available for both Android and Apple iOS devices.


Features of pokemon go video game:

Pokemon Go is actually the most advanced location based augmented reality game created by the Niantic game developer. It is not for the computers and only for the smart mobile devices such as Android and iOS platforms. For installing this game on your smart phone or tablet, everyone first needs to download Pokemon GO apk from the trusted platform. Many online pokemon go gaming download and help platforms are having unique apk of this virtual reality game. Once you have downloaded this pokemon go apk on your smart device, you can start getting features of this game.

  • The players can able to use your mobile camera and GPS technology to grasp more amounts of pokemon in your surroundings of the real world.
  • The pokemon game is completely free to download from the reliable website.
  • One can able to find the availability of the pokemon nears you by using the LED lighting and vibration given by your mobile device.
  • All the players are recommended using the pokemon go plus tool to play this game while driving a car without seeing your device.

Obtaining pokemon in real world:

The Pokemon GO apk which downloaded and installed on your device actually facilitates each and every player to catch hundreds of pokemon from your surrounding areas. This game has utilized the real locations like Hokkaido and Kanto in Japan, New York, and Paris. This virtual reality game is actually built on the gaming platform of Niantic’s real world gaming.

It is only using the genuine locations in order to support all the gamers for exploring large and far in the real world in order to find more amounts of pokemon for winning your game. The players can just use your phone’s touch screen to immediately catch the pokemon through the poke balls.

By krish