We all know the popular AGF management present in Canada. The management is of made up of many pillars who had been known as the board of directors of the company. Now, in this article we are going to discuss about one of the most important boards of directors named Blake C. Goldring. The blake goldring agf is one of the main parts of this organization. At the initial stage of his life, he had undergone many circumstances which molded him. He became a successful business leader and his hard work also helped him to make him the chairman of the AGF health organization. It is one of the independent Canadian-based investment firms which had been serving both the retail and the institutional investors. He had also received doctorate in law from the Royal Military College. Along his life time, he had got many appreciations and many rewards and served on high positions for various boards and committees.

As said above, he is an excellent leader because after his leadership in this firm it had grown on to the  premier independent company and so it had reached heights with the help of his leadership and so he suits the position of the leader. Added to that, he had been the Honorary Colonel in the Canadian army and he is the founder and the chairman of the Canadian company which resembles as a charity for the people those who had been serving in the military or Canadian forces. He also holds degree of BA in Economics and masters degree in
France. He is also a fellow of the institute of Canadian bankers.

By having a popular health care organization helps in gaining the popularity and trust of the people and also helps in giving the people a good service along with care. It has been focusing on the major problems related to the following parts namely as follows:

  • Cancer
  • Heart and vascular
  • High risk maternal and new born
  • Image guided brain therapies
  • Trauma

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By krish