Personal line of credit

Personal line of credit is a new way of borrowing a fixed sum of money at interest rates lower than those of a fixed loan. A person can borrow even the smallest of amounts and then pay its interest as per the used amount. This is better since you need not pay the whole credit limit rather the amount used only.

Types of personal lines of credit

There are two forms of Personal Line of Credit — Secured and Unsecured. Both the forms of the line of credit have been defined below:

Personal line of credit

  • An UNSECURED line of credit is the one that allows the lending of funds without any collateral whatsoever. This means that the borrowers’ property or assets will be safe in case a seizure occurs. By using this mode, the institution is subjected to huge risk.
  • The mechanism of SECURED line of credit is contrary to that of its counterpart which means you have to use an asset as collateral. This is a form of security imposed upon the borrower by the lending company.

This is how these lined of credit differ significantly from each other. However, it depends upon the financial institution (bank or credit union) as to which LOC (Line Of Credit) arrangement it adopts while lending you the money. These lending companies choose to give these loans to reliable debtors who have a good reputation in the market and you can visit this site

Advantages and disadvantages of a personal line of credit

  • PROS
  1. You need not pay the interest on entire amount prior to your requirement.
  2. Credit lines are quite appropriate for those who have an irregular income and can use them for clearing payments.
  3. LOCs have interest rates lower than the personal loans.
  4. One can utilize these lines of credit in times of emergency.
  5. You can transform your spending for the better by decreasing them with the help of your transfer funds.
  6. You can even fetch good discounts by using your check and get rid of burdensome credit card fees.
  • CONS
  1. Overspending can be a huge bane since LOC provides you with incessant credit card limit.
  2. The lender can be levied with an annual fee irrespective of their usage.
  3. The process for qualifying oneself for LOC can turn out to be toilsome.  Therefore, learn about the formalities beforehand.

This is all that you can know about LOC!

By krish