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Almost everyone out there has a particular shortage and luck that can only be sorted with money. Example of these shortages includes food shortage, cloths, shoes, and much more. Have you ever think about getting free Bitcoin? Probably you may take it as a scam, but it is actually possible by first registering a bitcoin account. Here are six practical ways you can make this dream come true:

  • Paid through Bitcoin
  • Affiliate program
  • Mining
  • Games
  • Scams and Gambling
  • Faucets


You can earn several coins by playing online games for a little while. These types’ games usually come along with many ads. These adds allow gaming developers to earn some income.


Back in the days, it was easier to earn lots of Bitcoin via mining process, but currently, it has become quite challenging. Now, the bitcoin market is equipped with advanced tools for mining.

 Affiliate programs

Most Bitcoin investors have found that Affiliate programs are the east method of getting free Bitcoin. Affiliate programs operate in most cryptocurrency industries with no exceptions; For example, you can get a discount by referring to a friend.

Getting pain through Bitcoin 

Getting paid via Bitcoin, it is absolutely 100% free. It is just like a gaming reward. Therefore, this can be carried out in many ways. For example, you can request a Bitcoin donation from the website.

If you can predict the value of Bitcoin will increase in future, you can proceed and buy it by paying cash. So far, it is the safest means, but it may not be possible. However, you can open a bitcoin account and choose any of the above methods.


Don’t fall in the traps of scams or else you will end up losing all your funds. There many ways you can get money instead of falling in the hands of fraudulent parties. Note that no digital money from collaborating with scams. For example, be alert when they’ve requested a certain amount of cash, and yet you don’t know what to get in return.

By krish

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