happens when an individual or gathering of individuals detests others for having various compositions of their skin

Obviously everyone around the world knows that United States is one of the highly developed countries in the world. But to reveal the fact that this nation is still under the arms of racism. The struggle between the white and black remains the same even after years. Many people are also losing their lives out of this war against inhumanity. The most unfortunate thing is one few cases were registered or noticed and many were hidden because of various reasons. This is the reason why the social activists in US were putting forth more effort to protect the life of black people in all the possible ways.


Even though it sounds to be shocking, the truth is not only the elder ones were affected by racism but even the school going kids were severely affected because of these issues.

Many children from black community were ill-treated in the school which has also made them to discontinue their education. It is to be noted that this is one of the most important reason for why the uneducated rate were higher among black.


The other common problem experienced by almost all the black is they will have various huddles in getting the job. They will not be provided with jobs as easily as they sound to be. And even if they are provided with job, their salary will be very low when compared to the salary provided for white. In order to fight against these differences many white and black people were fighting in all the possible ways. They were using black lives matter flag in order to show their support for black.

By krish