Car covers are quite essential for most of the car owners in order to prevent their car from almost all kinds of dangers. In fact, there are lots of covers to select from. However, it’s not possible for everyone to reap the benefits from having a car cover, which is custom made.  There are loads of values for having a custom fit cover for your vehicle and of course, several reasons why customized covers are often branded. So, listed below are some reasons why it is essential to have a perfect fit always.


  • It will cover every contour of your vehicle. With a custom made cover for your vehicle, a special attention will be given to each and every detail that improves the protection, since almost all the pockets will be perfectly sewn to match with every detail. Utmost care would be taken for all including holes for mirrors, retractable antenna and some other little details.
  • It will prevent slippage. At times, baggy cover may get slipped and slide from your car, which unnecessarily rubs the finish of vehicle and in turn, destroy the paint too. But in case of a custom car cover, the material fits just like a glove and thereby, protecting the fabric from slipping or sliding over the car.
  • It will eliminate dust and even other unwanted materials entering into your car. Car covers, which may be fitted poorly, might produce gaps through dust can enter into your vehicle. Not just dust, even insects could also climb in through the gap and make scratches together with leaving their dropping over your vehicle surface. A custom made and perfectly fitted car cover will prevent gap from forming.
  • You need to choose the type of fabric you want to use as there are numerous fabrics available for car covers to choose from. It is always your choice to tailor it as per your vehicle needs and requirements. The type of fabric you choose will help in protecting your vehicle from harsh weather of every kind.

In case you are living in an extremely hot location, you are required to choose a fabric, which seems to be UV proof. So only, the rays won’t have any effect on your car’s paint. However, in a cold condition, the fabric must be tough enough to bear the snow weight and also sufficiently thick for preventing water to pierce through.

By krish