During vacation time, we often find ourselves traveling for more time and unable to go to a gym for a workout. However, if you do at least some simple exercises in the morning for some time during your vacation, you could be in a better mood all day long and can avoid adding pounds. Exercising daily, not only provides you with a way to stay and feel great, but also it will enhance your productivity, improve your memory, increase your overall quality of life and improve your energy level and intelligence. So, whether it is holidays or working days, it is always preferred not to skip exercising under any circumstances to stay healthier and fitter. You can check out sowo amazing plan website to know more tips to lose your weight. There are many simple morning exercises that you can do without going to your gym, and these exercises will make you feel great the whole day long.

Here are some of them:

Push Ups

Push-ups help in strengthening many muscle groups. While doing this strengthening exercise, most of the muscles from the shoulders to toes are being used. This exercise should be started with a very small number and then it should be gradually increased in number. Newbies can take at least a month to be able to do minimum 50 push-ups. Push-ups help in strengthening the triceps, chest, and shoulders. To start this workout, lie close to the ground with your body held up at arm’s length. Keep your hands in line with your shoulders. Inhale as you lower your body and exhale when you get up from your starting position. Though this is an exercise that can be done perfectly only after practice, newbies can try a simpler version of it.  At the start, bend your legs at the knees so that you do not have to lift your whole body.

Jumping Jacks
Jumping jacks can be a highly intensive workout that you can do at your home to burn more calories. This exercise is great for muscle toning especially calves and deltoids and helps in improving your cardiovascular health. You can start doing this exercise for ten times, and then, you can gradually increase the number till you are comfortable with it. To start this exercise, stand with your two feet together and then start jumping while spreading your arms and legs. Finally, come back to the first position and keep doing it.

Do a Plank
Hold the plank position, until it hurts you. Do planks whenever you find the time. At least do it five times a day for better results. Read a book while you plank or listen to a song so that you can have some entertainment while you do this hard workout.

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By krish

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