Asking ‘what is hemp oil good for?’ is kind of like asking ‘what can duct tape be used for?’. It’s a bit of a silly analogy so don’t take it too seriously, but let me explain. There’s some things you’d be insane to try and fix with duct tape. Like a car door or something, anything that could potentially be dangerous for you and others. Sometimes it’s just not enough or it’s totally irrelevant to the type of damage or type of contraption, but nobody can argue that almost anything that’s broken has potential to be fixed or mended nice and simply with some duct tape. That’s kind of how it is with hemp oil. There’s a ridiculous range of problems that are helped with a daily dose of CBD. Anything from insomnia to anxiety, appetite problems, headaches, arthritis, muscle pains, and so many more issues that plague millions of people across the world are often alleviated by CBD. Before wondering ‘what is hemp oil good for’, it’s wise to first ask ‘what is hemp oil?’.

Hemp Oil Vs. Cannabis Oil

Hemp oil is good for relieving all kinds of symptoms, and even as a daily dietary supplement just for your general health. For serious health problems, however, it sometimes is not nearly enough. Unfortunately, legislation in most places of the world lag behind science and make it difficult to produce and distribute cannabis substances, even if it’s for the purpose of medicating patients. Some places allow the legal sale of hemp sourced products though, which means CBD oil can be provided to customers as long as it comes from a hemp plant that contained no THC whatsoever. This also lacks all kinds of other cannabinoids found in the marijuana, or cannabis sativa, plant. Sadly, when cannabinoids are being used as medicine, they work best when they interact with each other in different ratios and combinations. This is why cannabis oil which contains THC, CBD, and an abundance of other cannabinoids, plus terpenes, is generally much more effective as a medicine for anything more severe that CBD alone can’t do much to treat. Sadly, it still might be a decently long while before everyone around the world has access to these types of natural medicines.

By krish