The location and size of Sage Recovery Center was considered based on the need of patients seeking residential treatment. We can adequately provide for 15 patients at a time because we understand the need of attention and care trauma patients need. We are offering the very best to each of our patients. Sage Recovery Villa ensures;

Holistic health care

We understand that trauma affects the physical, emotional and spiritual health of patients. Our organic garden and locally sourced food that is prepared by a professional chef ensures patients, especially those affected by substance use, are nourished back to health. The fragile emotional state of our patients is something our staff understand and work towards restoring. Activities and treatment schedules are based on need of the patient in a bid to ensure complete recovery and integration in society.

Finding the root cause of substance use

We do not believe is treating symptoms, we seek the disease. Substance use and abuse is a symptom of an underlying problem that needs to be dealt with. Substance use is a sign of internal conflicts an individual is going through that made him turn to substance use. Together with patients, we explore what troubles them and find solutions. Patients who find ways of dealing with internal and external conflicts almost never resort to substance use and when treatment is successful, they never relapse.

Individual attention

We keep our program small so that there is adequate attention given to each patient without over working the staff. Patients and staff are able to relate favorably in the environment we provide, with progress easily observed by the staff and patients. Our focus is on the patient’s recovery and we guarantee the right support for them.  Although we have 15 other patients at a time, we recognize that recovery is individual and we focus on each individual based on their needs.

Residential treatment is a tough decision to make by patients and their families. Sage Recovery Villa is structured to make patients feel at home and ease the strain on families that fear patients feeling abandoned.

By krish