We can all agree that technology is changing all around us and ata fast pace.

We cannot catch with latest advancements especially because they entered in every industry you can think. In the world of water heaters, the advancement in technology brought us a wide array of energy efficient solutions.

The idea is to find the appropriate water heater that will be cost effective for your entire family.

So, before you enter the store to choose the first one you’ve seen, take a breath and find information on various types of water heaters. At the same time, you should consider water heater replacement cost, as an additional expense.

We decided to present you most popular types of water heaters:

Tankless Water Heaters

In the last few decades, tankless water heaters became an important part of lots of households. Still, they aren’t mostpopular but have essential advantages over other types of water tanks.

Finally, you don’t have to keep 50 gallons of water and heat it 24 hours a day, which will increase the energy bill. Now, you can heat water only when you need it. Most of them feature flow sensor that will detect and start heating up the moment you open the faucet.


  • It saves between 30% and 50% of energy when compared with traditional gas heaters.
  • You will never run out of the hot water
  • It is compact, small and hangs on the wall, which will reduce the used space


  • Installation is a major project especially if you have an old piping system.
  • There could be a lag time of three to eight seconds until you get the proper temperature.
  • You have to flush them on an annual basis to remove scale and to maintain the same energy efficiency.

Hybrid ElectricHeat-pump Water Heater

This particular type isa great solution because they work by pulling heat from the air and placing it inside the storage tank. In case that you live in warm climate, you have to install it in attic or garage, and you will be able to save a significant amount of money.

When you install it in a heated room, it will suck the heat out of it. You should have in mind that this particular type of water heater is expensive when compared with other types that we have presented you here.


  • Lowest operating costs in the family of electric water heaters
  • Perfect for warm climates
  • You can qualify for tax incentives by using it
  • Environment-friendly


  • Way more expensive than other heater types
  • The heat pump is wider and taller than the standard electric heater. You will need lots of space to fit it.
  • You have to maintain it regularly to keep the operating efficiency
  • It will need 1000 cubic feet of air to work properly, so you won’t be able to install it in tiny rooms.

Gas Water Heaters

Similar to common heaters, gas-powered heaters use a tank, but that is the only thing these two heaters have in common.

The most significant difference is that gas water heaters are not exhausting gases out of the tank, which will waste the energy, but they blow them through a coil which is at the bottom of the tank.

Incoming water will flow around it and collect the heat, and that is the main reason for their popularity and efficiency. However, you will have to spare a small fortune to purchase it.


  • It is the most energy-efficient when compared with other water heaters with tank
  • You will never run out of the hot water because the recovery rate is amazing


  • It is expensive when compared with other types of water heaters. It costs three times more than standard ones.
  • You will need venting and gas line configuration

For more information on gas boilers check here.


As you can see from everything that we have mentioned above, each type has disadvantages and advantages that makes it convenient for use.

Therefore, you should make up your mind by analyzing your needs, the budget you want to spend, and have in mind that buying a water heater is just an initial expense. You will also need money to install it properly.

By krish