For the basic outdoor grow of your seeds in pots you do not need much. Here we will look at a few things that you need when growing weed seeds:

  • Pots
  • Soil
  • Sunlight
  • Water


Size of the pots is up to you –like we have said, the bigger the container, higher your plant will grow. Select pots made from terracotta – they are good for absorbing the excess moisture and toughened plastic or stone. The fabric pots & Air Pots are popular since they prevent your plants from getting root-bound.


Choices are compost or soil, the soil-free mix having vermiculite and perlite, Rockwool and coconut coir. Both of these has got their own pros & cons, but can work providing your plants have enough nutrients, water and light.


Most of the cultivators make use of tap water, and it is certainly the cheapest and easiest option. But, it is good to test this to check levels of calcium, sodium and magnesium are not very high. This said, one biggest danger for the weed plants in the containers is under or over watering. It’s important to check the plants one time in a day, or more during the heat wave. Know the signs when your plants get thirsty or get waterlogged.


It’s the basic elements to grow the cannabis plant. Ensure your plants get sufficient sunlight!  Check high quality seeds and find out more information about legality of the cannabis online before buying.

By krish