plastic surgery Manchester

“We must take into account the qualifications, experience and reputation of the surgeon, as well as other aspects such as clinic equipment, personnel and technology. It is essential that the specialist  plastic surgery Manchester   treat each patient in a personalized way, advising him from a medical point of view on the most appropriate interventions according to his needs. In addition, the surgeon has to explain clearly and in detail the intervention, never pressing to carry out the same, “says the specialist.

Is there the treatment that they propose?plastic surgery Manchester

Some professionals offer treatments with attractive names and techniques that do not exist. Investigate about the treatment they are offering, compare if there are other specialists who also perform it. Suspect “unique and novel” treatments that no other surgeon performs. Beware of phrases like “I am the only surgeon who does this procedure” or “nobody else has this equipment”.

Be wary of low prices

The cost of treatment should not be the most important factor in the decision. Very low costs generally sacrifice quality in the service and treatments. Compare rates with several specialists. Do not let yourself be pressured by costs, special offers or discounts and promotions. In health, savings can be paid dearly in the future.


Choosing a surgeon and an institution with all the necessary permits and certifications is the best way to guarantee a high quality service. There are accreditations for clinics, clinics and doctors. These certify that the requirements to offer these services are met. Do not be afraid to ask if the clinic has all the regulatory permits.

For plastic surgeons the American Board of Plastic Surgeons is the entity that lets you know if the specialist meets the necessary studies, updates and accreditations.

A difference to take into account

There are plastic surgeons and cosmetic or aesthetic surgeons. Plastic surgeons are specialists who have studied all their training to perform aesthetic and reconstructive treatments. But in adding together, more than a few specialty in drug offer esthetic treatment: some specialists like ophthalmologists, dermatologists and otorrinolaringólogos are promoted like cosmetic surgeons. Make sure that the specialist is able to perform the treatments offered and has the necessary training to offer these services. Each specialty has a different society and certifications.

By krish