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Each year we take billions of photographs to keep family memories, children’s parties and vacations. Even today with the amazing digital cameras, there is a problem: the cameras alone do not take excellent photographs, they do what we tell them and the photographs taken by inexperienced photographers do not look better for the simple fact of bringing a good camera. Invariably the most common mistakes usually appear and ruin what should have been a memorable photo. Why is this happening? Simply because no matter how advanced the camera is, most people do not know some basic aesthetic principles that turn the amateur photographer into a professional. Click here for photo shoot los angeles.

Define the subject you want to photograph

To achieve excellent photographs, you must follow some basic rules: First you must ask yourself what or who I want to photograph? Only after you answer this question are you ready to start. Once you think about it, it’s pretty obvious, you do not take a picture until you’re sure what it is you want to show; however, it is the main mistake of most amateur photographers. Well … now you know what you want to capture, but the result can not express what you saw in the viewer. For example, you take a picture of a friend in your yard; in the picture you actually see your friend, but you also see in the background a trash can, a dirty fence or some element that diverts your attention from the image of the person you wanted to capture. So that your photograph shows what you want, the person or object you wish to photograph must not compete with any other element that appears in the photo and diverts the attention of the viewer. If the photograph belongs to your friend, it must be your friend’s and nothing else; there should be no doubt about what your photograph shows. Visit this site for photo shoot los angeles.

 Attract attention to your subject

Since you know your subject, you are ready to organize the image of how it will appear in the final image and so that the focus is on your subject. How to do this? There is an error-proof technique: that your subject occupies the totality of your frame. In this way the subject does not compete for attention because there is no other element to observe. For the time being concentrate on this technique and try that, no matter what you are photographing or the type of camera you use, your subject is the only element that shows inside the frame.

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Consider black and white

Eventually, try to transform your photographs in black and white or sepia; some will look better with these adjustments, because they will give them a more dramatic and artistic touch. The photograph (portrait) of the farmer on the tractor below, achieves a sense of timelessness, (may have been taken at any time, since the tractors were invented, until today) and we are not distracted by the color of his clothes or from the landscape. Eliminating colors, our gaze is directed to the face of the central character, achieving an excellent portrait that conveys the personality of the individual and there is no doubt about his profession and experience.

By krish