University of Phoenix Provides Working Adults with Easy Access to Industry-Relevant Skills

University of Phoenix Provides Working Adults with Easy Access to Industry-Relevant Skills

Teacher and advisor experience, flexible scheduling, course relevance and program options are frequently highlighted in student reviews of University of Phoenix. One student said that the University’s admissions counselors are very involved in student success and are always there to help during your learning journey. She said that taking care of everything, from her admissions application and handling student loan issues to selecting classes and understanding her options, was a stressful time. But her counselor helped her do what she needed to get enrolled in the courses that mattered to her, all while creating a schedule that worked with her busy life as a full-time employee and mother.

The University provides students access to a texting tool, which the reviewer said is more helpful and efficient than contacting a teacher, advisor, or classmate via phone or email. University of Phoenix also offers students rich resources to help with projects and assignments, finding the right courses, deep-diving into advanced topics and setting up meetings with faculty, advisors, library staff and counselors.

Another reviewer said that she was very nervous about returning to school because she did not always do well in a classroom setting, and she wasn’t sure how she would fare in an online setting. However, going fully online was the only way she would be able to complete her education, and she decided to enroll. To her relief, she found that the setup of the online classroom was very user friendly. She said that every class has increased her base knowledge on how to write academically, how to succeed in the online classroom setting and how to do the things she needs to do at work.

She said that every instructor is helpful in their own way. The freedom given to students to explore the University library or the math and writing centers really builds up student confidence and gives you the guidance and structure you need to succeed.

About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix provides students with real-world, context-based instruction that has real applications in an ever-changing professional workplace. The University was founded in 1976 when John Sperling, Ph.D., a Cambridge-educated economist, professor and entrepreneur, recognized that most higher education programs were content based with no real emphasis on business needs. To help working adults achieve their academic and professional goals, the University offers flexible class schedules  that can fit into most students’ busy lives.

By combining relevant training and instruction with a program structure that works for today’s busy professionals, University of Phoenix is changing lives for the better. Learn more about programs, offerings and what the University can do for you by visiting

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