Hi I am Gabriel and I had used Anavar few months and when I saw the sites from where I purchase this product there were many negative reviews. All these reviews shock me from deep inside. I was there to purchase the product and found out something else. I just don’t know why people are complaining but it is true that people are using it but not in a right way. When buying the product it can be seen that people are having not much proper knowledge about the product. Some of these are just using it without proper advice. It is a type of medication that is to be taken with proper care.

The main problem that few people were having is that they are not getting the right product. They get the product from a different dealer with lesser price. My recommendation is not to look for prices if you want to attain something good. The price on some sites is high but they are the ones who are selling genuine products. The product is not produced using only a few things but it takes a hard time to deliver such an extreme product. Make sure to buy from a good online store it gives a surety that the product that is bought is of the right quality. For More Help check out http://anavarcycle.com/anavar-reviews/ where there are more positive responses.


Make a proper routine when using medication of Anavar for greater benefits. The reason for making a chart is that the medicines have the half-life of 9 hours. I used to take the capsule at daytime only so that when I am doing other work the medicine keeps on working on my body. Before taking Anavar I take heavy meals this provides enough energy for my body to cooperate with the working of the body. I would suggest not taking the medication before going to sleep. This will keep a person to stay awake till the effects of medication are gone. Taking the medication in morning will keep the person active without any kind of fatigue.

The people who are complaining about weakness problems are surely taking the capsule at night. If taken at night then causes on insomnia arise and they are awake for the whole night. Without improper sleep then the body becomes week. Also, the effects of working mechanism of the medication taken become slow. I had never taken medication before going to sleep and never rendered any kind of weaknesses.

For beginners, it is a suggestion to start with a lower dosage so that the body can become immune to this medication. In the later period the dosage value can be increased to a certain extent. But before going a higher dosage make a self-test of the dosage. The result of the self-test can be known in a week. This will surely help to understand that if the dosage value will be having any kind of side effects in the body. There are people who are continuously using it even when they are getting side effects. More Help only comes when the capsule of Anavar is taken with care.


By krish