You probably already know that a canvas print comes in the form of an image printed on canvas. But, did you know that there are numerous types of canvas print available?

We have separated canvas print types into sixcategories:

Type of Print

Generally speaking, there are two types of canvas print based on the type of print used in the process:

  • Stock images – prints made out of stock photographs, most commonly used for general sale
  • Custom – prints made from your photographs, based on your specifications

Aside from this, customers have several other options concerning the display of their photographs, such as:

  • Single panel – when your photograph is printed onto a single canvas
  • Multi-panel – when a photograph is split into several canvases, hung by leaving a small gap between
  • Collage – when several photographs are printed onto a single canva

(as stated for canvas printing by Canvas HQ)

Material Used for Printing

There are many materials used for photo canvas printing, but the most popular ones among customers are polyester and cotton. The first are made using synthetic strands and the ink added to them rests on the top of the polyester, without permeating the fabric.

On the other hand, the cotton photo canvas printings are made of natural cotton fibers and are known to be of high quality. In this case, the ink penetrates the fabric, which provides a more effective color representation of the printed photo.


When it comes to canvas, the weight is measured in GSM. If you are considering the weight of the canvas, look for heavier canvases since these are known to absorb more ink and create a superior photo reproduction.

There are many variations in weight when it comes to canvas prints. To guide you on the right path, look for something between 320 and 420 GSM.


Of course, the size of the canvas will depend on your preferences and the wall size. Fortunately, there is a grand range of sizes available at our company, which means that you can get the painting you imagined as you want it.


Sellers use various printing options to transfer a photo to a canvas. The most commonly ordered printing options at our company are ink-jet and dye sublimation. What do these mean?

  • Ink-jet is the most commonly used method for canvas printing. The canvas is fed into a professional printer, where your photograph is printed directly on the set material. This allows for high precision.
  • Dye-sublimation is the second most commonly used method, where a print of your own photograph is added onto the canvas by using a certain technique that includes heat pressing. When this happens, the ink is able to penetrate much deeper in the canvas, while creating warm tones.


Once you have chosen the type of printing, size and resolution, there are several framing options to consider:

  • Full-bleed gallery wrap – the image extends around the frame’s sides
  • Regular gallery wrap – the canvas is stretched over a wooden frame and glued or stapled down at its back
  • Other frames of your choice

Are you ready to make your order? Pick all details of the canvas painting and let us finish the rest!

By krish

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