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List of best Telugu comedy Movie to Put More Enthusiasm in Your Life

List of best Telugu comedy Movie to Put More Enthusiasm in Your Life

A lot of people watch Telugu movies because of their comedy. They are highly popular among people. It has always been the go-to subgenre for anyone who watches Telugu movies.

This article highlights some of the best Telugu comedy movies that will add the perfect dose of laughter to your life. You can watch some of the best Telugu comedy movies on aha Telugu.

1-Wanted Pandugadu (2022)

This story is based on Pandugadu, the most wanted criminal who has escaped prison. A big reward is announced by the government to catch Pandugadu.

The story is about how other characters go on a quest to catch the criminal.

2-Android Katappa (2019)

Let’s go on an emotional and humorous journey with Bhaskar. After he bids goodbye to his son, who leaves for Russia to pursue his career, Bhaskar is left angry. But what comes next changes his life forever. He stumbles upon a Robot with whom he develops a bond.

Prime Video: Android Kattappa

Watch this unusual story which will take you on a journey.

3-The madness begins (2021)

This humorous story starts when Ritu, Jhanvi, and Indu meet in a bar. What follows is them sharing their life stories and problems. It is fun to discover how the girls help each other out and bond.

This is a beautiful film based on friendship, emotion, and fun. Watch it with your girl gang and reminisce about your friendship.

4-Eega (Makkhi) (2012)

This is a story of unfinished love. A young guy falls in love with a girl but cannot express it. In a series of twisted events, he is killed by a villain overcome by hatred and jealousy.

The movie gears up when the hero is reborn in the form of a fly and takes his revenge. It’s a roller coaster of emotions and a fun family entertainer.

5- Vikramarkudu (2021)

This story is based on Junga, who loses his family-owned theatre in a fight. What follows is his journey of devising a plan to get the property back. This takes him to Paris, where he ends up fighting a criminal gang. It is a rollercoaster of humour and action that will keep you rolling with laughter.

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This collection of Telugu comedy movies on aha telugu are bound to put more enthusiasm in your life. Trust us, and you will be hooked!

Check these and many other Telugu movies on AHA platform today!

Tips In Choosing The Best Online Movie Streaming Site

Tips In Choosing The Best Online Movie Streaming Site

Most people are now stuck at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. Going to movie theaters is now allowed but some are still afraid to be in the middle of a crowd of too many people. That is why online movie streaming has become a huge deal this past year. If there’s a movie that you want to watch with family yet you are not confident about bringing them to the theater, then choose to stream the film at home. Here’s how to choose the best streaming site.

Search The Internet

You are streaming movies online which means that the internet will be your means to find the best one out there. There are hundreds, probably thousands of online streaming sites available these days. That is why you have to take time to review websites that are trending. Use the internet to your advantage to ensure that you pick the best streaming options available for you. This way, you will have a good list of streaming sites to consider before you decide.

Importance Of UI Design

The UI design of the online streaming site is crucial. This will give their audience the idea of just how much effort is given by the service provider. Before you choose a movie streaming site, make sure that you consider its UI design. If it’s simple and easy to navigate, then you are sure that the quality of the streaming site is one that you can trust.

Read Online Reviews

Searching the internet will help you find reviews of the online streaming site that you want to consider. There are now review articles that can provide you with a detailed idea of what the streaming site has to offer. They will share information about what other streamers can say about the streaming site. There are also articles that compare streaming sites for their readers to consider.


Only Choose Free Streaming Sites

One way to enjoy streaming movies at home is when you can have access to it for free. You have to be mindful because there are sites that require you to pay a subscription fee before you can stream movies online. There are also streaming sites that will only ask for you to sign up for an account for you to have unlimited access to the movies that you can stream for free.

If you are looking for an online movie streaming site that you can rely on to give you the best quality films, then choose 123movie. The site has hundreds of movies available for you to watch. There are movies to choose from for viewers of all ages. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and visit the 123movie streaming site to check out your options.

Music during the CoronaTimes!

Music during the CoronaTimes!

Guitar and guitar are 2 substantially like instruments. In any case, the 2 of them have sure distinctions that create them one in all a form in its own explicit manner.

Here are some contrasts between the 2 instruments


Guitars undoubtedly will play Associate in nursing assortment of categories. From quiet acoustic to full on rock, you’ll play something on your stringed instrument. Consequently, with regards to achieve and tone stringed instrument offers a great deal a lot of intensive assortment. Then again, guitar does not have that kind of assortment. Guitar contains a Hawaiian tone, since it absolutely was started in Hawaii. Its sound reach is restricted however you’ll play a large amount of melodies on a guitar. Hence, within the event that you just ar befuddled between stringed instrument exercises or guitar exercises, you got to request yourself what kind from music would you prefer to play.

DIFFERENCE IN value vary

Learning any instrument expects you to contribute a good deal of endeavours and money. However, on the off likelihood that we have a tendency to analyse the 2, guitar is a smaller amount costly. A guitar of excellent quality ranges between $60-$80. Then again, an honest quality stringed instrument can price you somewhere about to $150-$200.

Thus, on the off likelihood that you just would favour to not place abundant in Associate in nursing instrument otherwise you cannot bear the price of a stringed instrument then guitar are often honest calls for you.

DIFFERENCE IN look and magnificence

There are some extraordinarily evident contrasts with regards to look of those 2 instruments. Guitar is less important than a stringed instrument. Guitar has four strings whereas the stringed instrument has six strings. The fretboard of a stringed instrument could be a ton a lot of intensive than a guitar. Since guitar could be a ton less important than stringed instrument it’s easier to play this instrument. Strings of a guitar are manufactured from nylon that are easier to down contrasted with the nickel-plated strings that are found on the stringed instrument.


The outstanding sentiment is that guitar is less complicated to be told. As its frets are minuscule and its lesser strings it’s easier to superintend. You’ll need the choice to play tunes on your guitar with solely not several music lessons. Consequently, guitar is less complicated to play for novices.

Guitar could be a pretty celebrated instrument. On these lines, it’s easier to find nice stringed instrument exercises and instructors. You’ll take stringed instrument lessons even on the net. Guitar despite the very fact that straightforward to be told, it o.k. could also be making an attempt to find an honest pedagogue.

I trust this information assisted you with selecting that instrument to choose but on the off likelihood that you just are thus far unsure regarding it, book a demo category for the 2 of them and take a stab at it. This may assist you with understanding that one is a lot of agreeable for you and works the simplest for you.

To finish up, each of the instruments have varied qualities and selecting between the 2 are often a tough enterprise. Before selecting what to play you ought to gauge the benefits and drawbacks.

On the off likelihood that you just ought to become at home with the instrument suitably it’s in each case higher to require categories for it. Toronto offers an implausible scope of each, stringed instrument and music lesson. So, what are you hanging tight for? Book yourself a demo category now!.

The Best Animated Movies Of The Decade

The Best Animated Movies Of The Decade

The best-animated movies of the decade are often telecast online for the interested viewers. The viewers who love animation movies have the chance to view online nowadays. Due to the excellent growth of the animation industry in India, the kids avail the chance of viewing many cartoon movies daily. The kids love cartoon movies very much due to their adventure stores. Usually, adventure stories attract kids and adults a lot very often. The one of a kind films belonging to a different genre for kids is screened by aha videos. The movies for kids are often telecast by online platforms. The wonderful reception of the audience for these films has been gaining momentum in India. The growth of the animation industry in India is phenomenal, and hence many Telugu producers are investing online.

The best and super most animation movies are viewed online by the kids. The animation movies gain the attention of kids, mostly because of the moral of the story, and its fighting scenes are the examples. Online platforms are increasing in India, considering the revenue and demand among people. There are many online platforms that have started telecasting movies that are very near to the audience. The adult films and kids’ movies are frequently seen online by these platforms. The audience does not miss these films, and hence a lot of positive feedback is seen among the public. A wonderful feature of online viewing is the affordable rates and quality of the pictures.

The old films are telecast on platforms for movie lovers. The films of Telugu superstars are often viewers online with the comfort of sitting at homes. The kids mostly love Chhotabheem films because the adventure stories, fantasy story, magical power, fight scenes, and hair raising scenes are attracting them. There are many films that are dubbed in Telugu for the kids and screened. The local language of the films makes the audience very happy as they could watch films without any trouble. Mostly these films earn a lot of revenue for the Telugu producers and distributors. The films in Telugu give satisfaction to watching people. The state of a kind and topnotch animation movies are repeatedly screened considering the demand of the audience. The quality of these films is the best and is liked by all without any discomfort. The importance and development of animation movies online are growing to a maximum extent, and it is evident when we look at the numbers of platforms.

Exclusively, the rate of growth of Indian animation movies online is admired by all film lovers. This growth is a positive response to the Indian film industry. The aha platform is making hard efforts to screen the kids’ films, mostly Chhotabheem and Mighty Raju. These films are given a warm reception from the kids and help parents a lot. The parents need not sit with kids while they watch movies like Chhotabheem. This is because those films give them a nice moral and the positive attitude of avoiding bad things.

Are you finding the best site to download MP3 music for free?

Are you finding the best site to download MP3 music for free?

My free MP3 is a famous site and it works based on a browser to download the MP3 music on any device. When it comes to MP3 songs, you can download your desired songs easily. This MP3 downloader provides more possibilities to download the songs that have already published on the internet via very easy steps. What you want to do is to simply write the song title or the artist name. This is one of the best music download systems that works well based on service, which enables you to search, listen and also find music.

After entering the song title or artist name, you just click on a search button. Then, you have to wait until it performs the online search process. With this portal, you can easily download music of most popular, recent updates and also older features such as good data set, multiple sound qualities, standard and high audio quality and biggest free mp3 music storage. However, the entire tracks available in this free MP3 downloader online can be easily accessed and also be able to enjoy the complete magic of downloading millions of MP3 song for your tablet or android phone.

Steps to download MP3 from My free MP3

When it comes to downloading from my free MP3, below are simple steps to be followed such as:

  • Type the desired song in a search form
  • From the search list, you can discover the song what you want and also click on a download button
  • If you have issue with searching like network error, you just attempt delete browser cache.

mp3 music

Free music download for free MP3

Nowadays, many of the online users can prefer to listen to their most favorite free music on the internet. They not only listen, but also download them for free MP3 format. The most diverse music that can be previewed and download music free is gathered on the famous music portal online. On this site, you will not only enjoy the sounds of your favorite music, but also download the songs without even registering it. If you want your favorite tunes, you can simply listen your favorite music on the internet at your most convenient time. On this downloader portal, you will discover the songs that you mostly like to listen. Have a great time while listening your desired songs.




What can people do in a nightclub?

What can people do in a nightclub?

When you have never been to a nightclub before, you should definitely try to go there once. This is because it is a place where you can enjoy your young age with your friends of same age group. In a night club, one can throw a party to their buddies but a good club should be chosen so that the party can turn out to be a successful one.

We can also say that a night club is a big dance floor where one can dance according to their wish as a loud music is playing at the background. Though you do not know to dance, you can see others dancing and offer a good company to them.

When you go there once, you will be moved out to a place that is completely new to you and where you can relax your mind. After your long week or a hectic day, you will feel better than before when you go to places like EFS night clubs. There you can find drinks and different brands and varieties. Also there you can get drinks of foreign brands too.

night club

The lights and sound that you can experience there will offer a good and soothing environment. Also there, you can booze all alone and also with your friends or with strangers and make them your friends. It is a place where you can find girls or boys and have good fun with them. When you are single and wishing to have a lover, it is easy for you to find one who fulfils your expectation.

There you can go alone, with your friends, colleagues and other people and boost your mind to face the next week or upcoming month. Since life is full of ups and downs, you must allot some time to have fun and hang out whenever you have time. When you visit a night club, you can reduce your sadness to the half and doubles your happiness.

Imagine, you are in a club surrounded by your friends with a glass of alcohol in your hand, it sounds good right? Make this imagination true by going there.

Tips to choose best movies in online

Tips to choose best movies in online

As soon as thinking about entertainment, the first thing that flashes in mind is the online movie websites. Today almost all the people are accessing the online websites for watching movies of their favorite genre. But it is to be noted that there are many people who are not aware of choosing the right movie in the online website. There are certain tactics through which they can point out the most suitable movie without consuming more time. Some of those tactics are revealed here.


As mentioned above, everyone wants to watch the movie which can suit their taste and mood to a greater extent. In such case, they can check out the genre for choosing the movie. All the movies in the online website will be classified based on the genre. One can choose the best genre according to their needs. And they can precede the next step for choosing a movie.


The reviews are the best thing to know about the movies. In a genre there will be more number of movies. In order to know about the theme of a movie, the online users can check out the reviews. This will help in filtering the best movie for them.


The online users can also make use of the ratings in order to know about the popularity of the movie. The ratings will help in filtering the best movies out of abundant options. The websites like movies123 tend to offer the best ratings for their online users. One can prefer to choose such website for watching movies without any kind of compromise.

Follow these tips in finding a legitimate online movie streaming site the right way

Follow these tips in finding a legitimate online movie streaming site the right way

We are blessed with dozens of great things in today’s digital age, especially when it comes to accessing our favorite forms of entertainment, particularly watching a movie.

Today, people can easily access and watch movies through the internet easily, thanks to online streaming sites which features not just movies, but also music, and television shows and series for free.

Because of its popularity, it has also become an instrument for people who wants to victimize people through fake online streaming sites by either obtaining personal information and even financial information by luring these victims to divulge this confidential information by forcing them to register for free content when in fact it is just simply a trap.

In order for you not to become a victim of these fake streaming sites, you have to be vigilant and most of all follow these tips to make sure that you only stream movies at legitimate online streaming sites like putlocker.


  • Do some research– When you are searching for a movie site, the internet is the best place to do it because you will be able to gain access to different streaming sites that feature a lot of movies. This would be the first step that you would want to make. You also have to widen your research and create a list of sites that you have discovered. You will get charged by some under subscription while the majority of online movie streaming sites offer it for free while the former offers you unlimited access to its content by giving you all the movie genres, series, and a lot more.
  • Compare the sites that you listed down– After you have listed down all the potential sites that you want to have streaming with movies online, it would be the perfect time to take a look at your list and compare all of it to determine which one is the best for your online movie streaming needs. Of course, you should eliminate the streaming sites that would charge you and the ones that have limited genres and categories that you can choose from. You must get rid of the sites that have a lot of restrictions as well as those that look shady and fake. You should always choose a site that is free and has a huge collection of movies that you can watch for an unlimited time.
  • Read reviews always– After comparing your list of the movie streaming sites, you should try reading the viewers’ comments of each site to determine which one has the best performance and which one has the poorest performance when it comes to streaming movies. The testimonials of the viewers are very important considering that they are the ones who experienced watching movies at these streaming sites they mentioned.
  • Check the content– Usually, legitimate streaming sites have almost a complete genre and database of all the movies. If you are able to find all the movies you want to watch regardless of what year it was released, then you found a legitimate streaming site, however, if that site only featured movies that are either released from the previous two years, then you should be wary and leave the site right away.

Horror movies are always the best to watch

Horror movies are always the best to watch

Movies are the best thing forever and there are many movies which people prefer to watch in different genres. There are lot of genres which are made available in this present modern generation and people are enjoying everything as per their own interest. Movies which are being released recently are very interesting and exiting too. One of the best genres is horror. Horror movies are the ones which people find them really exciting and thrilling too. This site is the best when it comes to good horror movies to watch. There are lot of movies which are made available here and people can watch them based on their interest.

All the latest horror movies are made available here and they can watch whenever they want. The video quality which is made available here is best too. All the movies, TV shows and TV series which are available in this site all come with HD quality.  This site is easily accessible and so everyone can use this and enjoy the movies whichever the like to their heart content.

good horror movies to watch

Easily accessible site:-

  1. This site has lot of features which are very advanced and all these make the site even more interesting.
  2. All the latest movies which are being released will be uploaded in this site as soon as possible and so this site is highly preferable by every movie lover.
  3. There are lot of horror movies which are very good and exciting too. there are rankings too which are made available here and so people can choose one based on their interest.
  4. There are lot of good horror movies to watch in this site are available with imdb rankings too. There rankings are very genuine and people do enjoy the movies based on their interest here.
  5. The site is very easily accessible and so there’s no need to face any kind of problem when it comes to this site. This is one of the best sites which people are loving to use and they are also highly satisfied with these.

Important site to download the best movies

Important site to download the best movies

Some of the online sites allow you to watch the latest movie of your choice and it can be easily downloaded from these sites. It is possible to access these sites through online and they have made the download easy to manage. When you are using these online sites for getting better solution it is possible to download any number of videos through these sites. Some of the popular sites have been closed by the authorities within few months and it will help you to get better access to the sites.

Avoid illegal downloads

You can easily avoid illegal downloads with the help of these online sites. You can easily get better access to these sites through online and you can easily watch your favorite videos. Some of the popular sites are being closed these days due to illegal access. One of the popular sites that have been used for downloading movies, series, music and games is zone de telechargement. This is the most commonly used site in France. This is one of the officially active sites that have been closed down by the Swedish police after receiving several complaints from the various authorities.

These sites will act as the peer reference for most of the people and it is possible to get easy solution. When you are using these sites for getting better solution it can help you in downloading the best quality videos, movies as well as games. These sites are easy to use and they will help you to get better solution. Internet users will use the peer technology and also the torrent technology for downloading their favorite movies. The files that have been downloaded by the other users are hosted by most of the internet users and you can easily do it with the help of server.

They can easily get the best content and also it is possible to find the easy content for making the day even special. When you want to make use of these services it is possible to get proper benefit from it. This will help them in exchange of work by work.