Anavar is one of the most popular oral anabolic steroids as it has a well-tolerated nature. Used safely both by men and women, this anabolic steroid is one of the most side effects friendly product available. Although certain circles Anavar is greatly underrated due to its mild nature. This is generally due to the unrealistic expectations that men and women have when they try Anavar. It is a very wrong perception that prevails everywhere that all anabolic steroids should outturn a set of specific effects at a specific rate of power. In reality several steroids carry various results and serve several purposes. Anavar like any other steroids has some specific functions and benefits which one needs to understand before using it and not have unrealistic expectation about its results.

The dosages of Anavar are different for male and female. One must strictly follow the instruction before using it and then slowly taper down dosages at the end.

Dosages for men:

Anavar with a supplement is commonly beneficial for men who are cutting phases. Oxandrolone hormone is not the right product for those who want to build mass in body. But it helps in gaining a small amount of mass on taking the large dose. Men who are consuming Anadrol dosages for cutting cycles have chosen the right time for consuming this product. It is effective but also expensive, to intake 50mg of Anavar per day which is the right amount for men to gain some benefits. Although if a man wishes to take 30mg per day, the results will be positive as it is very soft steroid to start with.


Dosages for women:

Although it has been proved that it is wasteful for the men in the process of bulking but it seems that women using Oxandrolone hormone with supplement can result effectively in the growth of off -season period. The mildest steroids is preferred by women because of the sensitive nature which seems to be beneficial for them. This steroid is beneficial because it is for off-season bulking.  In the dieting stage, this steroid act more beneficially. One has to accept the dieting phase every time for supplementing with the hormone. To fill their requirements most of the women prefer to consume only 10 mg of Anavar pills per day. The symptoms of virilisation may increase if women consume more than their capacity and is proved to be risky. The decent results are subjected to be less if 10mg doesn’t provide the best results. This is found beneficial for women are consuming it in cases of both cutting and bulking. It is preferable for women to consume it only for six weeks which sufficient for them. If a woman wants more then she should take a gap of 3-4 weeks before starting another cycle of 6 weeks.

The pills must be taken according to the instructions and it is advisable to taper down dosages at the end. Although it has less side-effects and is mild, but too much intake of any steroid is harmful.  So, to get better results and maintain your health you must follow the prescribed dosages.

By krish