How many of you have lived under the impression that testosterone is a male hormone and it is required only for men. Well true is the fact that testosterone is a hormone that is produced in the testis of men. But it is a hormone which is produced in both the men and women. This hormone is produced in large quantities of men and hence it is often related to that. This hormone is required for instigating the sex drives in both the men and women. This hormone helps in bodybuilding, weight lifting, or other athletic endeavors. It helps one to gain quick body muscles and it helps one to retain the stamina and strength. We could have met many people who would have a bulky stature but when it comes to doing something they would be very weak. They would not even consume a lot of food but would keep putting on extra weight. This could be a condition that is caused due to the low testosterone levels. These levels are lowered because of various factors. However, the symptoms would be the inability to get erections when required and they may get spontaneous erections like in their sleep, they won’t be able to produce the semen which is required for the mobility of the sperms. So, that are impotent and this is because of the low testosterone levels.

How To Obtain The Right Body?

This could also occur in females they won’t get the sex desire as testosterone controls the sex characteristics. Many women also desire to attain the bikini body and so they need testosterone levels in their body. Such women use Sustanon 250 for cutting. After the usage of this steroid their work outs yield good results and all they must do is consume the right diet. In many countries, they do not recommend the intake of such steroids and it will be banned. One must be careful in such cases because one can be jailed for importing such steroids. One cannot get these steroids without the prescription of the doctor and it is also advisable to consult a doctor before the intake of these medications.

By krish