In general advantages basically comprise of the benefits that one gets by some product. But smoking in any form is not at all advantageous if the health of the human body is kept in mind but the electronic cigarettes were designed keeping the health advantages in mind. Though it does not prove to be completely safe for health but still the electronic cigarettes have a lot of plus points that can help it to stand advantageous.

 The electronic cigarettes are free from the harmful carcinogens which are present in the usual traditional cigarettes. Even the carbon mono oxide and the cancer causing tar has nothing to do with the electronic cigarettes as the electronic cigarettes contain just the nicotine and that too is medically treated to reduce the addiction affect as much as possible keeping the flavor intact. The tobacco cigarettes annoy all standing around the person who is smoking because the let out foul smell and a lot of smoke along with passive smoking but the e cigarettes are just the reverse kind. These liberate mild vapors of nicotine and that too in such a quantity that it is just sufficient for the smoker to inhale almost eighty percent of it. So there is no chance of promoting the passive smoking.

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Cost And Safety Factors

When it comes to advantages,  it is not possible to miss out the economy factor. The electronic cigarettes are economically very cheap and much cheaper that the usual tobacco cigarettes. One nicotine cartridge filled with e juice lasts as long as two whole packs of the usual cigarette. It overall saves a lot of money that you spent on your smoking stuff. The electronic cigarettes along with its various benefits is not banned under the public smoking prohibited banners which relaxes you to a great extend as you would no more have to spend time hunting for corners to take your usual puff and not to be missed out a very unusual thing about the electronic cigarettes is that the electronic cigarettes offers a variety of flavors. Some service providers provide different flavors. So you have a vast choice to choose from. The electronic cigarettes are safe on teeth and would not leave your teeth stained.

By krish