The teachings of Shincheonji

Shincheonji is a global church for Christians that is difficult to classify with regular Christian authorities. They do not advise any sect and condemn the presence of sects as “the work of the devil”. They said that this church is given in the Holy Bible and mentions it as a kingdom of God on earth. It is located in Daegu South Korea. Daegu is the biggest city in South Korea which is famous for its olden culture. It is a very beautiful city having so many attractive things along with lovely mountains. The Shincheonji church was founded by a person names Lee Man-hee. He was the leader of the apocalyptic Christian group in South Korea. This group has a large number of followers in different countries. The name Shincheonji has been taken from the revelation book which means new heaven on the earth.

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The teachings of Shincheonji

The teaching of Shincheonji claims that the creator Lee is the priest who forecasts the new rules and evidence of second coming sent by Jesus Christ. The book name Revelation is written in private symbols that can only be described by Lee. Shincheonji tells their followers that at the period of the last decision, members who attend the salvation are a true belief. Not everybody in the group will deny giving pardon and become destroyed. If anybody wants to be a member of the church, he has to start to form a classroom.

There is a study center where the lesson of the Bible has been taught to the people. A single class includes forty or more students. They prepare notes on teaching by the teacher. Shincheonji is a church where a large number of people go to get faith in life. They go there in the search of peace.

By krish