We are living in an era characterized by rapid software development with most of the industrial operations getting automated. Right from banks to shopping malls all our transactions are computerized and even medical checkups are getting automated in several hospitals. We can sit in the comfort of our home and purchase anything we want through online banking services. We can access distant information through LAN and recently developed Cloud technology where you can store any amount of information in your drive and access it at anytime and from anywhere.  Through email and internet facility, we can learn and share our ideas and knowledge through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Coming to Android application, which does fall short of developments in Windows, has its own uniqueness. We can download any number of apps from the play store and use it for free. We can chat; send photos and videos through Whatsup and Wechat. Software networking has developed beyond imagination and sitting in New York, a doctor guide an operation in Germany and with light solidification technique we can create whatever we want and make it come to life through virtual reality.


These are the different kinds of blessings showered by our dear software networking but as every coin has two sides, software technology is misused by many and cyber crime is increasing at an alarming rate. We have to be extremely careful while using an online account because our passwords may get stolen and our bank accounts looted by cyber thieves. Many using online accounts have faced this problem and many get sms alerts saying that wrong password attempts have made and account is locked for security purposes when the account owner has not operated the account at all. Not only this many viruses like malware and trojan horses steal passwords, confidential information from personal accounts, industries and research institutes and misuse it. Many networking companies have come up with cyber security strategies to detect and reduce advance threats and one such company is Blue Coat Systems which provides networking and security services, housed at Sunnyvale California, offers protection against advanced threats.

Blue Coat offers a range of products and services when it comes to cyber security. They have products developed exclusively for attack detection, threat analysis and network defence. They also offer software solutions on prevention of data loss, caching management techniques and system administration. On consumer side to safe guard personal information and passwords, Blue Coat has developed the most widely used K9 Web Protection, freeware parental control and many web filter applications.

By krish