This kit was designed for easy and hassle-free use. Mig21 clear fusion is an electronic cigarette which works with a battery. The main idea of mig21 is that it stimulates the tobacco cigarette. It does not have tobacco instead it has battery and tank. It makes people inhale vapours instead of smoke which will be less harmful. Mig21 type of smoking called as vaping. It has a liquid in the tank which use for vaporization. The liquid generally heated by a device called as an atomizer and this type of liquid also named as e-liquid. The principle of activating the mig21 is by pressing the button on top of e-cigarette or by taking a puff. One important feature is that its battery is rechargeable, and it has a usb type of port for charging. Mig21 will get a battery with automatic and manual feature along with attractive colours.

For automatic battery, the user does not need to even press the button to get vaping. The battery comes with the power of 380mah and 4.2v which make this battery more durable. However, users can also select the manual option if they wanted to press the button for activation of cigarette. Similarly, tank in this cigarette is also best part to talk about. It comes along with leak-proof tanks which avoid accidents. Its tank called as max vape tank or clear fusion tank and comes with different tasty flavours juice in tanks which are made up of pure hemp oil.

All about MIG 21 clear fusion

Benefits of using these cigarettes above conventional cigarette:

  • It does not have tobacco so less damage to the lungs.
  • It is a reusable cigarette. The battery can be replaced, and the tank can be filled with e-liquid.
  • The research said it is less adductive compare to nicotine cigarette.
  • It is alternate for people who are trying to quit cigarette and fail.

Elements of cigarrete:

Mouthpiece for inhaling of vapours, e-liquid indication to show how much of liquid left in the tank, heating coil or coil bead which also called to the atomizer, battery indication display, USB port for charging.

In the box when mig 21 is purchased

2 battery, 3 tanks, a wall adapter, USB charger plus cable, a carrying case, a free 30ml bottle of e-liquid, a user manual.


Mig21 is an e-cigarette which is alternate for convention cigarette with less damage to the lungs. It should be used by people who are trying to quit cigarettes. Mig21 comes with automatic and manual battery. It also comes with a tank which is reusable. It contains colourful battery and flavour juice which make it more attractive and tastier.

By krish