Today the investment in property people likes to have in which they are having the resale value so that they are able to sell and get good gains from such profit. Property In order to have such type of property then you have to have the anfi del mar gran canaria that can help you out for getting the best property in which you can rent it, sell it or you may like to live then you can line with your family. In this project you have for sale 25 townhouses and 40 apartments they recommend that you enter the residential dial to the left in the menu to find your townhouse or apartment. The features are like concrete and wood work on the site is well underway, completion by today’s schedule is calculated at the end of 2017, the site is located on high ground, and the architect has clustered homes in five smaller fields that frame the plot with a common.


They are having their own website and in that they have made a lot of great illustrations in the picture gallery on the left in the menu showing the buildings’ exteriors and interiors. There is also one overview image showing the entire field set in the grounds. On the sales office on the site says it housed a 3D model of the project that illustrates how fine buildings located relative to each other in terms of heights. You can have B3 townhouses get parking in public garage under construction B6 with lif, B4 townhouses (B4 b -c- d) is a private carport with space for 2 cars under their own housing. The three row houses in B4a For outdoor parking, B5 and B6 apartments have parking in public garage under construction B6 with lift and B2a and B2b apartments will most get parking in communal carport outside buildings, while some will have outdoor parking.  If you like to have more information then you have in their site and the other places that are vacant and are for sale can be found in this site. Grain canaria is the place where you have the best apartments and other things that everyone will love to live in these apartment and it is sure that you will be having the resale value and in that you are able to have the good returns that you will be investing today here.


By krish