The first step in selecting the right compound bow is having a clear idea about the technical aspects of it. Just follow the article closely as it explains numerous essential things which you should be aware of while making your purchase.


Important considerations:

Here are some of those important things to check while buying the best compound bow for the money you spend on it.

  1. The first thing is the axle length- In simple words, it is the complete length of the bow. There are short length bows, and there are long bows. Shorter bows are great for maneuvering, but at the same time, they are tough to shoot or work with. These short bows are great options for hunters who hunt from trees. They are simply for experts or professionals. However, if you are new to using compound bows, then you should go for the longer ones as they are more forgiving and easier to work with.
  2. Drawing length is the gap between its grip and its bowstring. The draw length can be altered and adjusted, but it is only to an extent. Also, if you do happen to choose between less or more draw length, always go with the one which has less as that would be more convenient. More draw length will impact your accuracy and speed.
  3. The draw height is the gap between the grip and the bow string which is at rest. The lower the brace, the faster the bow! However, they are very tough to use and are not at all forgiving. A high brace is slower and easier to operate with. In shops or online you will find compound bows having 7-inch brace height. Do some research on it and pick one which suits your needs.
  4. The draw weight is the amount of work you need to do in order to ensure that your compound comes to its max draw. Select one which you can pull back smoothly and easily. Technically speaking, a bow having a draw weight of about 50 pounds is more than enough to kill a whitetail. The more the draw weight, the faster the bow, the heavier and pointier the arrows!
  5. The last point to check while searching for the best compound bow for the money is the complete weight of the bow. Light ones are easier to move around within the woods, but they are also very loud and vibrating, whereas the heavier ones are quieter, vibrate less and are difficult to work with.

So the final call is yours as to what you want in your compound bow.

By krish