A lot of people watch Telugu movies because of their comedy. They are highly popular among people. It has always been the go-to subgenre for anyone who watches Telugu movies.

This article highlights some of the best Telugu comedy movies that will add the perfect dose of laughter to your life. You can watch some of the best Telugu comedy movies on aha Telugu.

1-Wanted Pandugadu (2022)

This story is based on Pandugadu, the most wanted criminal who has escaped prison. A big reward is announced by the government to catch Pandugadu.

The story is about how other characters go on a quest to catch the criminal.

2-Android Katappa (2019)

Let’s go on an emotional and humorous journey with Bhaskar. After he bids goodbye to his son, who leaves for Russia to pursue his career, Bhaskar is left angry. But what comes next changes his life forever. He stumbles upon a Robot with whom he develops a bond.

Prime Video: Android Kattappa

Watch this unusual story which will take you on a journey.

3-The madness begins (2021)

This humorous story starts when Ritu, Jhanvi, and Indu meet in a bar. What follows is them sharing their life stories and problems. It is fun to discover how the girls help each other out and bond.

This is a beautiful film based on friendship, emotion, and fun. Watch it with your girl gang and reminisce about your friendship.

4-Eega (Makkhi) (2012)

This is a story of unfinished love. A young guy falls in love with a girl but cannot express it. In a series of twisted events, he is killed by a villain overcome by hatred and jealousy.

The movie gears up when the hero is reborn in the form of a fly and takes his revenge. It’s a roller coaster of emotions and a fun family entertainer.

5- Vikramarkudu (2021)

This story is based on Junga, who loses his family-owned theatre in a fight. What follows is his journey of devising a plan to get the property back. This takes him to Paris, where he ends up fighting a criminal gang. It is a rollercoaster of humour and action that will keep you rolling with laughter.

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