Crosswords or Sudoku

Rightly said by Napoleon Hill that” Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve”. A person catches something when it’s executed in a fun way, that’s why it is said that we should teach children in a playful way so while having fun they learn something in a way that they never forget. All types of puzzles do a positive impact on your brain which helps to enhance your thinking ability and sharpens the memory whether it’s Sudoku or crossword puzzles/quizzes. Most of the crosswords puzzle you will find in notebook’s front covers, magazines, and in comics as well. But these types of puzzles are at easy level so basically children are having a huge craze in solving them and getting these crossword quiz answers. While solving these, their mothers feel relief for a little while because these puzzles keep them engage in their work.


Not only children, but elder people are also crazy about Sudoku’s which they find in newspapers. Some people go a little early to their offices so that they can solve Sudoku in peace, Yes they are that much crazy about these! Now these crossword puzzle answers they find the next day in the same newspaper which they match with the earlier day’s newspaper.

crossword quiz answers

Major difference between Sudoku’s and crosswords

When we talk about Sudoku, we are actually referring to a puzzle which is made with numbers only. To solve them, you need a lot of concentration and you cannot afford to distract your mind while solving it. On the other hand if we talk about crosswords, they are actually very much helpful to learn new words, so it’s a good way to make a child learn new terms and spellings as well. Crosswords are fun to solve but Sudoku are kind of serious puzzles. If a person is not able to solve them, then that person’s mind will stuck on that puzzle till he gets the answers and these crossword puzzle answers are given the next day in the newspaper.

Craze of puzzles around the world!

According to a research done in 2017, people in America solve crosswords more than any other country does. In fact Sudoku’s are the highest solved puzzles you’ll find in America. Sometimes if people are not able to wait till the next day for answers, they visit some sites which have some popular newspapers crossword quiz answers. Indians are not behind in this race at all, some companies give these tough crossword puzzles to their candidates who have applied for jobs in their company and those people who solved it efficiently gets the job. Isn’t this a great idea to select employs for the company?

You do crossword puzzles until you’re tired of them!

By krish