Instagram is a free online photo sharing and social networking platform that was acquired by Facebook. Instagram allows their members to share, upload and edit photos with other members through the Instagram website, email and social media like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and many more. With Instagram the user can rotate their image, they can add border and they can also make some point in focus and the rest in little fuzzy and can turn the contrast up with an ON or OFF switch.  Only Instagram has the option to view each effect one at a time. The users have to remember which filter they liked the best and can’t see a side by side comparison. Instagram thus includes tools for further sharing the image in one show with multiple social networks. The explore tab of the Instagram app allows members to perform Instagram search for the user accounts to follow or to find users photo by following hashtags. From the Home tab the Instagram users can view photos from accounts which they follow in a format which is similar to the Facebook’s newsfeed, by this view the users can like and comment on the photo.


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Instagram bas upgraded its search function to make it easier to find the picture, people and videos they are interested in. One of the key features is places search which lets the user to look at any location on the earth. Explore tab is where the user would normally check out Instagram photos that can receive attention from people in their network. About half a year ago, this feature was customized to include list of recommended users to follow, based on their overall popularity and similarity to the user’s own Instagram network. The latest changes in the explore function becomes a hub for image content discovery. For business on Instagram, the explore tool gives opportunity to engage with users outside of the immediate Instagram following. Explore and search features are only available to the users who are in US for now, with a global launch expected in near future. One of the most exciting Instagram updates in the history of network is the robust search functionality and the latest update allowed users to search for location tags to make it easier to explore the area without leaving the Instagram app and if the users is going for a trip and want to check out the top images Instagram search allows them to view all the photos that were taken on that location.

By krish