Have you been working a little too hard lately and are in need of a vacation? Well, why not do a tour of Asia with your family? You can backpack with a friend too, or have a romantic trip with your significant other. If the mere thought of getting some time off for a holiday, then these five destinations may offer you the perfect spot to travel to.

The Country Formerly Known as Burma

If you feel like Myanmar private tours, you’ll be going to the beautiful Burma, as this land was once known. Take a trip to this exotic country and you will find yourself among the ancient well-known temples. When you think of Burma, what images come to mind? Historical Buddhist monuments, tea plantations, and precious stones. You can visit the pagodas and kyaungs in Bagan, the temples at Mrauk U, and enjoy a

nature trail in Kengtung. There is something for everyone in Burma.

Thailand – What the Locals Call Prathet Thai

If Myanmar private tours strike your fancy, then you may also like the thought of hopping across the Burmese border to Thailand. This country is also full of history and astounding beauty. Visit Thailand if you would love to see the stupas and ruins of Wat Chaiwatthanaram in Ayutthaya, the Democracy Monument in the heart of Bangkok, and the Luang Prabang Range on the Laos border. The warm people, incredible food, and unparalleled nightlife are experiences of a lifetime for any tourist.


Sri Lanka, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean

Known for its ancient legends, beaches, and hill country, Sri Lanka is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world today. You can enjoy the indigenous wildlife by visiting one of many national parks, or take a trip into the mountains and climb Adam’s Peak. This awe-inspiring summit draws pilgrims of every major religion, as each religion has its own connection with the footprint that is said to be at the peak. World-famous rock paintings and ancient kingdoms are the mainstays of this exotic island.

Mongolia, a Silk Road Sovereign

Have you ever wanted to take a camel ride through the Gobi Desert or witness the Naadam festival, what’s stopping you from visiting Mongolia the next time you’re taking a vacation? Known for its role in ancient trade routes, as well as its nomads and shamans, Mongolia is also worth visiting for its music. The Mongolian instruments and singing traditions can only be truly appreciated by immersing oneself in the culture.

Metropolitan Malaysia

Perhaps you want to get some shopping in the city of a foreign land. Then Malaysia is the place for you. Of course, Kuala Lumpur food and retail is not all Malaysia is worth visiting for. Check out the national parks, the verdant rainforests, and the coral reliefs along the coast. Get a taste of colonial life by visiting the tea plantations too.

If you’re going on vacation anytime soon, you should consider visiting one or two, or all of these wondrous exotic worlds.

By krish