Every citizen needs some legal identity proof to do government works. The voter id is the crucial and very important document for every person who is above eighteen years of old. It is the main document permits you to allow voting.  The Indian constitution is having the rules that who is having the eighteen years of age is eligible for voting and also they can apply to get the voter id. Every citizen should have the voter id in their hand and it is their own rights. Some people are having the thought the voter id is essential only when the election period comes. But it is the very important document and identity proof in all places.


In the earlier days it is not an easy task to apply for a voter id because they need to wait in the queue for long time. They need to take leave from their work to apply for the voter ID card. But now it is very easy to get the voter identity card through the online. Through the online you can apply it anytime from anywhere. You no need to go anywhere or take leave from work you can apply it easily. If you are applying the voter identity card in the offline you do not know anything you just need to give all the details in the office. If you are applying in the online you can do all the things by yourselves and you can get some knowledge about all the details. You will get your election identity card easily within a month. If you are applying through the offline you need to wait nine to ten months to receive the identity card. You will get the voter ID card in your doorstep and you no need to go anywhere to get the voter card.

Once if you are applying it in the online you can see the voter id status of your voter id card through online. When you are applying in the online you need to upload all your personal information in the required column with proof. They will provide you the tracking number while applying so you can track it easily from anywhere. All the websites are user friendly so you can operate easily to apply. If you are having any doubts are anything you can use the helpline number for help.

By krish