FIFA rankings

    8 teams in 4 pots are the group formation to the world cup 2018.  Two teams from each pot will be selected for the quarter-final stage.  And then on to the semi-finals and the Finals to decide the champions of the world football in the most watched and  popular event in the world.  Pot 1 is hot with hosts Russia and all the top-ranked teams in the FIFA ratings.  Europe the bull’s-eye of football has the maximum number of countries to play this world cup as in other world cups.  This is because football is like a religion in Europe and they play it with high pride and pleasure. Germany the defending champions are the favorites in this tournament from the successes and points in the recent matches. This grup piala dunia could surprise with the debutant ones like the smallest populated country Iceland, Panama and of comeback countries  but will not lose its glory with the left outs.

world cup 2018

  • Debutants :

     Iceland and Panama are playing in this world cup for the first time.  Though they are very small countries and with the minimum of the population, they have qualified with grit and class to outplay any high ranked team.  Countries who comprise the world’s total 50 % of the population of China, India and a few were not qualified.  This shows the uniqueness, skill, fitness and the strategy to win the world’s favorite game.

  • Left outs :

      Italy the cream of European football is not in this tournament after 1958.  This is a big blow to them and the US which is not playing after 1986.  This is bad news for the European and American football fans.  But football is the sport of the legends will not be missed by them.  Other notable countries who are not in this world cup are Netherlands, Chile, Cameroon and New Zealand.

  • Comebacks :

     For three countries Egypt, Peru, and Morocco it is comeback time for them in world cup after decades of sitting on the fence.  This will bring great happiness to their countrymen, players and their respective governments.  The spirit of fighting and coming back will make them strong contenders in the tournament.

  • Hot Pot :

     Pot 1 is very hot with its high ranked countries and star-studded players.  The host is automatically selected in the first pot and the others are selected because of their FIFA rankings.  This includes the defending champions Germany, Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, and France.  It could bring the much awaited Christian Ronaldo and Lionel Messi match which will be watched widely across the world.  Portugal with their good performance in Euro Cup and with Ronaldo could bring surprises.

    Bottom line grup piala dunia could be of FIFA rankings and geographical locations but could not be less of skill and entertainment.

By krish