If you’re like most people and cannot resist a good sale or bargain and love clothes, then it’s likely that your closets are over flowing. If you have realised that you don’t necessarily wear many of the pieces that you own and would like to consider paring down your wardrobe, then we have some tips for you on how to create a minimalist wardrobe that will let you mix and match and feel like you have something new to wear every day!

Start Decluttering

The first step is to empty your closets. Pick a day on which you don’t have much to do – this task will take all day! Pull out every item of clothing that you own – don’t even leave a lone sock behind in a drawer! Dig out the old suitcases full of clothes from three years ago and the boxes with multiple shoes and scarves stuffed in them.

curate a minimalist wardrobe

Start Sorting

Start sorting your clothes into piles. First start by throwing everything you haven’t worn in the last year into one pile. Hot pick tights that you’ve never worn will go into that pile. Stained striped t-shirt and an old football jersey that’s stretched in the wash will also make it into that same pile. You will also need to make a second pile of the items that you cannot bear to part with – for one of two reasons – sentimental value or because it’s something you wear everyday, like your urban streetwear. Having created a keep and donate or give away pile, you will then need to start sorting through your keep pile. Start sorting clothes based on type – jeans, pants, tops, dresses and so on.

Minimalize Your Wardrobe

Now that you’ve sorted out your keep pile it’s time to start paring down. Look through your jeans, if you have more than five pairs, and are not someone who wears jeans everyday then we suggest getting rid of any that look completely worn out or do not fit well. Do the same with your t-shirts. We recommend holding on to five to seven basic t-shirts that fit well. These t-shirts should be one’s you can mix and match with jeans or a skirt as casual streetclothes.The other easy way to pare down your wardrobe is to stick to a neutral colour palette. Keep clothes that are navy blue, beige, white or black. Get rid of multi coloured pants and pink skirts you won’t wear more than once. You can then use accessories to add pops of colour to your outfits.

Try keeping only fifty pieces. Store seasonal clothing like coats and winter boots and sweaters in suitcases that you can then pull out in time for winter. Hold onto one or two statement pieces and supplement your wardrobe with one new bright piece every season – with a minimal wardrobe in neutral tones you can then mix and match to your hearts content!

By krish