A hairdryer is considered to be an essential thing that you will need in your daily life and keeps the quality of your hair good and healthy. If you’re about to buy one, there are plenty of factors to be aware of hairdryers that includes heating element, control settings, wattage, weight, attachment options, and warranty. There are various models of hairdryerfair under different price ranges. People can easily choose their piece accordingly.

Heating Element

Before choosing the hairdryer, the first important thing you should consider is the heating element. Not all hair dryers are built with the same quality and features. That is measured in the heating element also. Low-quality hair dryers might be built with a metal or plastic heating element, which may damage your hair eventually. It is advised to use high standard hairdryers that are made with ceramic drying element used in space heaters and other home heating technology. It dries and styles your hair in lesser time compared to low-quality hair dryers.


Next significant thing to be noted is wattage; it changes according to the model of the hairdryers. The accurate wattage should not be less than 1300 watts, it also includes for travel dryer. For long and thick hair, 1900 to 2000 watts is recommended by some hair stylists that encourage dry your hair fast.

Control settings

The control settings of the hairdryer should be friendly to use. It is beneficial to have hot and cool settings which are a quick way to change the temperature. In case the heat increases, that will cause hair damage in short time. With the help of cool settings, you can easily change the temperature to low.


The weight of the hairdryer is not a crucial factor when it comes to personal use. It differs from price ranges according to weight. The cost of lightweight hairdryers would be expensive. Lightweight hairdryerfair would be essential while traveling. It is easy to handle and can use for a long time without making strain in your wrist and arms.

 Attached options

Hairdryers have more attachment options for your hair problems. One of them is a diffuser that can prevent your thick hair from frizzing.  A Hairdryer is also built with an airstream tool that is great for drying the hair with a brush.


At last, you should also focus on the warranty. Warranty is offered by trusted companies and retailers. They include the option of return, repair, and refund for the higher end brands.

So, it’s your choice to buy the best and durable or to buy cheap ones with lesser life.

By krish