All of us could afford a refreshing and a relaxing time at zero cost, if we have a well maintained back yard, or front yard for that matter. It’s understandable that in our busy schedules, we cannot invest our time and moneyon big landscape ideas, other than the general upkeep of the garden. In order to spend some quality time in the garden, it needs to be accommodating enough. Some small alterations and modifications will help uplift the quality of your garden and its liveliness and general nature. Don’t worry, they are not expensive in the least, and they will not disrupt the familiarity you have with the garden.

A hammock

This is one of the very common accessories in most gardens. It doesn’t cost much, but will surely ensure a relaxing time. All you need are two trees with close proximity and the hammock itself. Even if you can’t find two trees relatively close to each other, you could install a post that would serve the same purpose. The hammock can be used to sleep in during any time of the day. Reading is also a very common thing to do in it, although halfway into the book you might doze off because of the relaxing effect it generates. Either way a hammock will make a valuable addition to your garden.24fix72._PX_Wallflex-Slv_Terra_5Rnd_LaCreperieRoussillon-Cafe_product_slideshow

A shady place

If the garden stretches a long distance, you might want to consider installing a place that will give shade in the summer. It will allow you to sit and relax outside when the sun is beating down on you, or to quickly run into, when it suddenly drizzles. A summer hut would be more apt for this purpose but one of those high quality market umbrellas Adelaide has to offer, would be the best substitute. It will give you evenly balanced shade unlike any ordinary umbrella, and would stand firm against all elements of nature. So take a stroll around the city and choose one with a colour that would complement the garden, and wouldn’t seem totally out of place.

Mild lighting

Garden lights are important.Many make the mistake of installing bright lights as a safety measure to protect them self from anything harmful that they’d run into, or trample in the dark. While that is totally alright, you might want to have a set of dim lights as well. It will rub in some romantic essence in the garden, and you could even surprise your spouse with romantic dinners there. The mild lights will facilitate the mood and ensure you have a romantic time.

By krish