Instagram has become the buzzword these days. Everyone is now focusing more on Instagram than Facebook because it has loads of new features.

Some of the new and exciting features of Instagram are:

  1. GrabFreeFollowersInstagram polls: a new feature added to Instagram stories lets you ask a question while providing two options for it. People love answering polls because it affects their psychology that there’s someone who’s asking for their opinion and is considering it as valuable.
  2. Face filters: you must be wondering how a face filters will help in marketing, but this is truth!
  3. Paid partnership on Instagram: another new feature of Instagram, this option lets you collaborate with other businesses on Instagram.
  4. The Question and Answer feature: thus is the recent feature that Instagram has provided. In this feature, the user is asked questions by his or her followers and he or she has to answer it.
  5. Rate feature on Instagram: this feature is recently added to be used in Instagram stories which let you ask a question and lets people to rate it accordingly.
  6. Instagram stories: Stories offer a greater insight into what an Instagram user is up to and his or her daily lifestyle, and if you own a business page then you can use it show your potential customers your services and products that you offer.

People keep on posting and sharing every new moment captured by them and not only that but Instagram also helps on guiding through the latest fashion trends, comics, beauty tricks, new art forms and how to make your boring surrounding look cool and aesthetic. Those who love travelling and discovering new places always keep a check on the new places discovered either a small coffee club or library or a an entirely new restaurant in a different country, but not enough followers on it can slow down the progress of your account and it may not be regarded as a good account and may not show up in the “trends” section of Instagram because your page doesn’t have that reach.

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By krish