Using the best security platform is a smart way to improve the network infrastructure of any organization. For this reason, business owners are seeking for the best and effective security platform. In order to meet the requirements, Blue Coat comes with an outstanding and effective security platform that protects your networks from viruses, hacking, and other digital threats while offering detailed analytics and optimizing the network performance. Along with this, it also merges network performance, handles protection threats, as well as enables organizations to completely hold the cloud. That’s why this security platform now appears as an essential additional to the network infrastructure of all types of organizations. If you desire to know the additional facts and specialties of Blue Coat’s security platform, you can immediately visit the official website where you can gather sufficient information about it easily.   The security platform of Blue Coat now comes with lots of exceptional features in order to create an unbeatable between the threats and organization’s network. It is one of the major highlights of this security platform that attracts lots of organizations towards it and encourages them to use it as a company’s network infrastructure.  If you want to know the major featured of this security platform, you can read this passage carefully.


Major Features

The proxy architecture of Blue Coat solves lots of security issues. It is a major factor of this security platform.  This specialized security program not only brings protection from network and web-based threats but also enables the organizations to keep their data in a cloud, control the business policies across the project and the cloud systems such as mobile, web and social networks. Along with this, it also helps you to protect data from mitigating risks created by different courses.  The specially developed proxy architecture of Blue Coat includes cloud-delivered protective web gateway, cloud access protection broker and on-premise safe web gateway.  The web gateway of Blue Coat appears as an exceptional gatekeeper or barrier between the Internet and network users, monitoring traffic to identify the malicious programs as well as make sure that all sensitive data remains secure. Additionally, it also includes the ProxySG and combines various features into a solo product that effectively filters the web traffics, prevents data loss, identifies the cloud application usage, ensures visibility and minimizes threats into the encrypted traffic. If you want to get the useful security solutions, you can use this security platform of Blue Coat in your organization.


By krish