Surrounded by multiple arguments concerning ethics, spying on someone’s phone- peeking into someone’s private record of personal experiences and obtained information may sometimes turn out to be necessary.

Well, ‘sometimes’.

Situations where you need to spy on your troubled child, a dishonest spouse, or a backstabbing employee might make it necessary for you to make the hard decision of looking into the vehemently private bundle of information people store in devices called ‘phones’ (who are we kidding?).

Should You Really Spy On Someone?

No, and yes. Whether you should decide to check someone’s phone out depends entirely on the intention. Bored? Curious? Bothered by something you were never told? Go the hell away, breaking into someone’s phone isn’t nice.

But well, chasing people down to isolate them from the society isn’t nice either. However, that’s what you do when you’re a cop, and your unfortunate subject, a butt (this probably sounds more appropriate). Everything has its reasons anyway. So if it’s a child you think is being bullied, a spouse you think isn’t living up to the promise, or an employee you’re paying to bring yourself down; well, go ahead, we lied about breaking into phones being a bad thing to do.

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Why It’s Hard

Trying to spy on a device will have you confront failure repeatedly. You’ll come across a large number of services, but guess what? Many of them will turn out to be adware in disguise, virus that’ll damage your machine instead, or poorly-developed programs that’ll fail to work properly or offer enough monitoring options. The internet’s full of dysfunctional applications like these, and will torture you with repetitive failure before making you give up- that is, unless you keep reading further.

Flexispy, an Application That Works

Flexispy is a top spy app that lets you spy on a device once installed. This particular application has managed to remain a leader in the industry for over a decade. It offers a wide range and variety of features and functionality. Flexispy, once installed on the target device, will allow you to monitor the device activity through a control panel accessible from any PC. Flexispy lets you monitor calls, text messages, passwords, GPS location, IM chats, stored media, and installed applications. Moreover, Flexispy allows users to snap pictures from the target device and have them sent to you. It even allows you to send commands via SMS to control the target phone, making it the obvious top spy application.

By krish