One of the holidays that we look forward to, and all stop dieting for, is the thanksgiving feast. Everyone goes all out to make the best food to impress the guests (and usually the grandparents end up winning the great tasting food competition). There are tons of different recipe, decorations ideas, entertainment and other things to try out nowadays thanks to the internet, but try not to be overwhelmed by it either.

Deciding on the menu

The most arduous task of the whole dinner is deciding on the menu. As the family members will end up wanting their own favorite dishes on the menu as well, and sometimes getting on the internet ends up swallowing your imagination whole, it is better to decide on the number of dishes first. As most dishes will have accompanying salads and dressings as well, the number of things laid out in the table will be different. But the main concept you should be sticking by when picking the recipes is going for the simple and traditional ones. If you are familiar with a particular recipe that goes well on the dinner table, then stick with those. See this modern furniture that will surely beautify your dinner vibe.

If you are starting the traditions on your own and brand new, then try to incorporate new ones and also recipes that you can handle well without much trouble. It will be hectic during the week and complicated recipes will only slow you down and dishearten you when it does not work.

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Decorating the table and dining chairs

When you are going to decorate the table, go for the simple yet elegant types of decorations around. Try not to put too much bulk decorations and items that take up space as you will have to have all the food on the table as well. Usually wrapping a cloth on the backrest of the dining chairs in thanksgiving colors and adding some candle holders on the table does the trick if you go for ones that suit your d├ęcor. You can amp up the theme of thanksgiving by adding fresh flowers and pumpkins and such and also some bowls of fruits and nuts. Be prepared to take these away when serving food.

When you are preparing for the type of feast, if you have only your family and a small number of people who will fit into the dining room, then doing the usual sit down dinner will be the easiest. But if you are serving a large family then you have a better time going for a buffet type dinner for all of them.

By krish