Not getting enough sleep or rest can definitely affect our productivity at work and even at home. To keep us on our toes, we take performance-enhancing drugs that enhances both our moods and brain functions. It not only serves as a wakefulness agent but also as mood stimulant. With continuous research, these cognitive enhancement drugs become better and more improved. In fact, there are many variations which are very similar both in effectiveness and functions. Two of the most popular smart drugs are modafinil and armodafinil. Confused? Read on and find out the differences.

Difference in Effectiveness

Modafinil usually works 50-50 when it comes to effects. Modalert is one of its brand names. When you buy modalert, you’ll discover that it comes in a 200 mg dosage which works within a short period of time and for up to 15 hours the most. It keep you alert and awake without feeling anxious or jittery. Armodafinil also has a long lasting effect that pretty dominant. It is usually given in a 150 mg dosage. For the first 5 hours after taking it, there is little or no effect yet but as soon as it starts to sink in, your improved activity becomes apparent for the rest of the day. It’s like taking at least 5 cups of brewed coffee for one day.

Difference in Properties

The components of Modalert are taken from modafinil and with continued use, the effects tend to be part of your overall function and personality without the risk of getting harmful side effects. As long as it is taken in moderation and according to doctor’s orders, modafinil can enhance your brain activity and increase your level of focus. It also reduces the risk of making uninformed and impulsive decisions which could be detrimental to your work. It improves focus and develops alertness which you need to become more productive and efficient.

Amodafinil functions in the same manner. It provides you with a boost that instantly noticeable though it can waver quite quickly too. This active ingredient works to either increase or decrease the effects of other medications so you need to be aware and vigilant when you buy armodafinil.

Similarity in Effects

If you look at the benefits as a whole, armodafinil and modafinil have basically the same effects and functions. Both keep you awake especially during the time when you need to. Both increase productivity as it enhances brain function helping you make informed decisions. Both stimulates moods which make it helpful especially when faced with tensions and stresses both at work and at home. The remaining question here is how to determine which one works for you best.

We cannot avoid the stresses that we encounter every day. No matter how much you want to avoid it, it will keep crawling back up into your nerves. If you want to get your full brain capacity, you might need the help of performance-enhancing smart drugs to keep you alert all day. The most popular are modafinil and armodafinil. Before taking either drugs, determine the components and effects of each first so you’ll know if one works for you better than the other.

By krish